Work With Us invites applications from the candidates willing to work with us.

The content must be of high quality – ORIGINAL, well researched and concise. Authors are free to write on any subject. espouses a neutral fact based discussion that considers all view-points.

Authors will be provided complete credits for their content.

Why should I apply?

– Experience: Candidates are provided with a Certificate of Association that certifies that you worked at for a period of 3 months.

– The Readers: has tens of thousands of active readers spread across the globe. You receive feedback on your writing from a diverse range of readers.

– The Prestige: receives a very large number of applications to work as Authors, but only an exclusive group of writers get the opportunity to work with us.

– The Community: You get the exclusive opportunity to connect with the community of brilliant individuals working in many fields.

Will I receive an Internship Certificate for my work?

We provides a Certificate of Association that certifies that you worked with us for a period of 2 months.


We’re hiring:

Editorial posts:-

1) Creative Authors: Poems, fictions, stories, news accounts, point- based articles; We entertain almost all kinds of style and genres of writing. No holds barred- literally. Enthrall the readers with your riveting creativity.

2) Sub Editors: Chuck out the portions you don’t like. Cut, copy, add, correct.  Do whatever it takes to enhance the piece. The writers create, you refine.

P.S: If you’re applying for an editorial post, don’t forget to send in a sample of your best work along with your resume. Also, don’t even try to ‘copy-paste’. Plagiarism is caught within a fraction of a minute!


1) Web Developers: Have a knack of the Internet?  Understand the technical mumbo jumbo of the web?  Take your first step into the world of web development.

2) Graphic Designer:  Good at communicating using visuals? Can you play around with colors, artifacts, pictures on the net? This is the job for you.


3) Human Resource Manager:  Are you the kind of person who wishes to bring the best out of your colleagues, the one who intends to get the job done efficiently and and in time. Then this is what you should apply for,


NOTE: All the positions are UNPAID. You will receive a certificate

You may also receive a letter of recommendation provided your performance was above par.


How can I apply?

The application process is fairly simple. Fill up the form below. Our Team will get back to you as soon as your application is processed.

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