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Some fun things you need to do this summer! – 2016

Written by Guncha Khanna

Summers are here in full force. The sun has been so brutal and it’s just the end of May. The best way to beat the heat is go on a vacation on a hill station, but some people cannot. So here we give you a list of some things that you should try and do, which will help you cope with the harsh heat and boredom and make you feel awesome at the same time!

  1. Explore nearby ‘cooler’ places.

In the literal sense, go and check out the ‘Ice skating and Café’ at Gurgaon or explore the new ‘Skii India’ at Mall of India, Noida. Both of these places are extremely amazing to visit during this time of the year. They are supposed to be breathtakingly beautiful and extremely fun. Do give it a try!


Another thing that can be done is that you can visit the historical monuments early in the morning when the sun is not exactly out and you can still have fun. Since there is a lot of humidity too, choose a day when the weather is less humid.


  1. Go swimming! Or maybe not?

Surely all the swimmers are already doing this for probably a month now, but for those who don’t know how to swim, it’s a great opportunity to go and take some lessons.


For people who just can’t swim, for several reasons, try visiting some place that conducts rain dance parties or something similar to that. (World of Wonders, Great India Place, Noida)


  1. Catch up with friends.

Since a lot of us are free during these months, why not spend some quality time with your friends. With college or school it becomes impossible to take time out and hang out with them regularly. Make the most out of this time and catch up on your old conversations or make some new memories!


  1. Make ice-cream!

This one is for all the chefs out there. Google an easy ice cream recipe, go shopping for the ingredients and you’re ready to go. If you aren’t such a milk based ice cream person, make a Popsicle instead. A healthier version or not, that’s totally up to you.


Another escape could be visiting India Gate at night and having a mini ice cream party with your friends or family.  Do not forget to Instagram a picture!


  1. Read something.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to read, however for those days when you just don’t want to head out of your house, try picking up a book that you like. Be it a book with lot of articles, comics, biographies, fiction etc. It will prove to be a nice diversion from the hot mess that the weather is outside.


  1. Indulge in some retail therapy.

Pamper yourself. Buy yourself summery clothes, accessories or anything that you like. During summers there are a lot of sales going on, and who knows you might get the black t-shirt that you have been eyeing for weeks now for a cheaper price?


  1. Learn something!

It could be anything, be it painting, playing an instrument, learning ballet, getting the hang of a new language etc. We all have a hobby that existed when we were really young and eventually it became a thing of the past because we got busy in our lives. Why not do it now?


There are a lot of other fun things that you can do like splurging on mangoes and watermelons! It’s impossible to fit all the fun activities here. Let us know what you like to do to beat the heat in the comments section below!


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Guncha Khanna

Currently studying English literature at KMC,University of Delhi. Reading, writing and painting give me immense pleasure. And I hope to make people think, laugh and enjoy with my writing skills. Happy reading!

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