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10 things every Indian mother says to her kid!

Written by Guncha Khanna

If there is one person in this whole wide world who is going to love you unconditonally and is never going to get rid of your tantrums and drama, then it has to be your mother! Describing a mother is like trying to describe the falling colors of a rainbow.
It really does not matter whether I am rich or not, because- mere paas maa hai!
Every Indian mother has some very peculiar things to say to their kids and if you are an Indian you are going to know these by heart!
1. “Why do you want to go for a night stay? Abhi toh ghar aaye ho.”

How many of us have had instant night stay plans after a full day of being with our friends? And asking for permission from your mother is probably the hardest task possible. The very first thing she is going to ask is, “Ye Priya kaun hai? Kaun kaun hai uske ghar mein?” No matter how open minded your mom is, the react on to nightouts is always going to be “Haye raam. Saari raat party?”


2. “I am very open minded”.. “Oh my god! You have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Kabse?

Every mom tries to cope up with the generation gap that persists.
However, we all know that any other person that we are close to is going to end up in the-stranger-who-will-do-you-bad category. She is going to try to be all cool about it, however one thing that every mom is going to say is, “Mujhe toh teri khushi chahiye, par log dekhenge toh kya kahenge?”


3. “Why were you not picking up your phone? I thought you were kidnapped. Fir silent pe rakhdia tha na?”

No matter where you go, even for a few hours, if you even for once miss your mom’s call, you know you are in big trouble! Even though she is going to let you go wherever you want, one very common thing she is going to tell you is, “Kahin bhi ja, bas mera phone utha lena!”



4. “I am not a nagging mother. 10 baar boldia, abhi tak kaam nahi kia.”

The very first thing every Indian mother is going to state in an argument is, “Main toh kabhi kuch nahi keh tujhe.” And after a few seconds the very next thing she will say is, “Subah se keh rahi hu. Abhi tak bottle nahi bhari.” Although she is not nagging at all, but “Hum toh apne parents ki saari baat maante the, tum toh sunte hi nahi.”



5. “Oh sure! You can definitely go out with your friends. 6 baje tak ghar aa jaana.”
As soon as it gets dark, your mom’s heart is going to pound and your phone is going to buzz like crazy! Darkness means insecurity. It does not matter if you are not able to meet your deadlines at work, but these deadlines are something that you have to follow.



6. “You never study enough. Par dimag toh tujhmein bahut hai.”

Be it a girl or a boy any kind of marks are never enough. Even if you score
95/100,“Thoda aur padhleta, 100 aa jaate. Dimag toh tujhmein bahut hai, bas padhta nahi hai.” Your mom is always truly going to know your capabili es. She is never going to praise you in front of you varna nazar lag jaegi. But in front of your neighbours, you are going to be the most intelligent kid alive! And we all love that, don’t we? Ma ho toh aisi!


7. “Weak eyesight? Ye toh hona hi tha. Din bhar mobile or T.V par jolage rehte ho.”
“Hamari family mein toh kisi ki bhi aankhen weak nahi thi. Ye sab junk
food ka asar hai.” No matter what health problem or any kind of problem you face, ultimately the blame is going to come on your current lifestyle which includes not drinking milk, not eating green vegetables, eating pasta all the me and everything and anything.


8. “Summer vacations are here! You can enjoy now. Fir itni der tak jag rahe ho, subah 7 baje utha dungi.”

Vacations or no vacations, waking up early in the morning is something every Indian mom abides by. She believes in it so much that even you are going to end up doubting your daily habit of waking up late. “Exams aa rahe hain? Chalo subah jaldi uth ke padhlena.” “Subah jaldi uth ke walk
pe jaya karo, acha lagega.” “Subah jaldi uthne se din acha jaata hai.”


9. “You will always be a kid for me! Itna bade ho gaye ho, apna kaam khud karna seekho.”

As much as your mom loves to pamper and spoil you with all her love, she wants you to be independent at the same me. The constant struggle to shower you with immense love and to let you grow independent is always going to stay. Aur ye ladai toh chal hi rahegi. Hamare zamaane mein aur uss zamaane mein.


10. “You should concentrate on your career! 25 saal ke ho gaye ho, shaadi kab karoge?

She wants you to be independent and self-reliant, however it is always going to be a big concern if the next door Sharma Ji’s kids get married first. The competition is never ending. Tab toh bas aafat samjho! And the uss zamane ki baat that continues.. “Tumhari umar tak toh hamare 2 bache ho gaye the.” And also attending every neighbour’s wedding is important varna teri shaadi mein kaun aayega?!


No one can ever deny this fact that mom’s are the best thing that has happened to us. As much as we adore them, we know that they are always going to have our back! Cheers to all the lovely Indian mothers! We love you!

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Guncha Khanna

Currently studying English literature at KMC,University of Delhi. Reading, writing and painting give me immense pleasure. And I hope to make people think, laugh and enjoy with my writing skills. Happy reading!


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