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How three IITK graduates developed ‘Instichoose’- The Zomato of Schools

Written by Akshita Rawat

There’s hardly a person who doesn’t reminisce about their school days. This happens to be the place where our minds are shaped and our thoughts are formed. A school is the foundation of our thinking process. So the decision to choose the perfect school should not be taken lightly. This is where Instichoose comes into play.



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The months preceding a child’s admission are supposedly the hardest in a parent’s life. Being the admission season, be it school or college, the search for the “perfect” academic institution has begun.

Ravish Agrawal, one of the founders of Instichoose, was caught in the same hunt while looking for a school for his primary-school-graduate cousin. Realizing the “dearth of school information”, lack of a structured website, and school feedback being subjective, he was struck with the idea of a platform that could help ease the school discovery process, and thus Instichoose was born.

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It was surprising that in today’s world you could find a rating for your movies, food, cars, houses, clothing but not education.”


is like the Zomato of schools. It is a K-12 school discovery and admission fulfillment platform, a term used for school grades prior to college. From the comfort of one’s home, you can choose the desired school, the desired location, inquire, and, also apply to the school of your choice. Instichoose also allows you to rate and review schools, share your experience, and help fellow parents.


“This will be a one-stop shop for all the information pertaining to educational institutions.”


With Instichoose, you no longer have to run from school to school, stand in lines, just to complete the first step in the brutal admission process. All the information is just a click away. The parents can directly interact with the school management, seek all the required information and apply accordingly. The reviews and ratings are all verified, and thus, dependable.

We firmly believe that parental school choice should be
directly influenced by the school and not by neighbors or people in the vicinity.”


is a success due to the hard work of three people, Ravish Agrawal, Raunak Shamnani, and Rishabh Vaish, all three graduates from IIT Kanpur, managing and funding the initiative all by themselves. Their aim is to reach out to maximum parents through offline as well as online marketing, through social media platforms, the most popular being Facebook ( ).


 ravish_mugshot  raunak  rishabh
Ravish Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO

Raunak Shamnani

Co-Founder & CTO

Rishabh Vaish

Co-Founder & CPO (Product Officer)


Instichoose is growing and expanding day by day. For Ravish, first and foremost is “prioritization and resource optimization”, to make the most of what is available. Immediate plans are to get more eager and enthusiastic people on board, build a forum to enable mutual discussions for queries, enable location and travelling time-based search to give suggestions regarding the most convenient school. Instichoose is currently in talks with prospective investors. Their bigger aim is to involve more schools and expand to Delhi-NCR region. Like every initiative, they too wish to see happy and satisfied users.

“My social circle has reduced by almost 10X in the last year of the college. You are filled up with thoughts on your venture and it becomes impossible to stay involved in other social activities. Thus, slowly your circle reduces to only those who appreciates your state and try to sync with you”  

The success and growth of an initiative requires a lot of sacrifices. For Ravish, the thoughts of how to make Instichoose better, constantly come across his mind. He is planning to focus solely and entirely on the initiative. Making your dreams come true isn’t easy, academics and social life do suffer but Rome wasn’t built in a day!


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