An exclusive interview with Vaishvi Lakhina – the woman behind ‘Lakhina Couture’

Written by Guncha Khanna

“The best Lakhina Couture moment was when the other day my cousin checked into a reputed hotel in Guwahati, Assam by the name of Karan Lakhina. The receptionist asked him if he knows ‘Lakhina Couture’, to his utter surprise he replies ‘yes it’s run by my younger sister’. The receptionist was all praises about LC, I wonder if it’s a small world or are we doing something good?”

Nowadays, we see so many Instagram pages running their own apparel businesses, from fashion design undergraduates to successful designers. Amongst all these names is Vaishvi Lakhina, an entrepreneur who resides in Noida and has definitely become a very famous name here. Also a fashion design graduate from Amity University, she has her own label by the name of ‘Lakhina Couture’.


At such a young age, she has been running this business since quite some time now and she gives all the credits to her parents who have been her inspiration.


“Their professionalism and business skills have been my support system and inspiration since the start.” It runs in the family we believe!

When you’re in college, everybody including your family wants you to concentrate on getting your degree and so it might as well be a lot difficult to convince your parents to let  you do something as big as run a business. On this she says, “My parents are proud of course. They are a part of this label. It’s not mine, it’s ours. They proudly introduce me in front of the world and keep motivating me.”

Running a label not only changes you as a person but it also becomes a very important part of your life, “LC has changed me completely, my attitude  towards things and situations. Made me responsible and presentable in front of the world. It’s like a baby, I have to take care of every small thing, it makes me happy, responsible, manage time and utilise skills effectively. Its my space for worship. Jai mata di.”


A very big challenge when you start something big along with your studies is to maintain a balance between both. She had classes to attend and calls too, but her mother has been her support system for she managed everything while Vaishvi was in college.

“I have the sweetest mother in the world. College got me a lot of orders too, after all Amity has a huge crowd to attract.”

On being asked for any advice for the people who are just starting out with something new, she says “All I wanna say to newbies is don’t lose out on confidence and don’t forget to put in your best, hard work, determination and concentration. That’ll always help you succeed.”


Originally from a science background, with major love for gym-ing and designing, Vaishvi and her label has over 19k followers on Instagram and 5k likes on Facebook. Her label has been growing day by day and  being loved by people from every age group. She had her first Lakhina Couture exhibition in December’15.

She along with her parents has planned to open a chain store in the next 5 years. She is such an inspiration for all the students who want to do something big with their lives at such a young age and we hope she succeeds in all her endeavours.



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      Ma’am, this is really uncalled for and posting Fake reviews for us! If there are any issues you can let us know

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