On a Chicken Date

Written by Rishabh Sharma


“So where do you want to go? McDonalds, CCD or Pizza Hut, if you are feeling hungry.” , said Rajiv, cuddling while he said to Nandini, his newly wedded wife, seated beside him in their car.

“Let me think.” , said Nandini, pretending to be thinking by tapping her chin with her finger.

It was their first valentine’s as a couple, and they had vowed to spend the day together. The road wasn’t crowded but the pathways were tumultuously noisy. Strings of shops lined up on both sides of the road were crowded with valentine fanatics, busy in making profits for the card and gift sellers.

“Stop stop!” , cried Nandini, prodding her husband to stop the car.

“What happened, honey?” asked a bewildered Rajiv, stopping the car in the meanwhile.

The noisy pathways became abruptly silent. Everyone’s eyes followed the young lady, moving out of her car to the middle of the road, where a clutch of chickens were trying to cross the road. Though her action resulted in a huge traffic situation, but she too was adamant over her decision and followed the chicks until they reached the other end of the road, stopping every vehicle in the while which chanced to cross their path. While some foul mouthed drivers cursed her, the path walkers or the valentine’s herd lauded her for this benevolent act. They clapped for her as she stepped back into her car.

Rajiv stared deep into her eyes while his lips remained fixed in a smile.

“What?” , she simpered, trying hard to be modest.

“You know” , said Rajiv affectionately, “that this is the best thing about you. You don’t even think twice when it comes to helping others, irrespective of whom and what they are,”

Nandini smiled coyly, “That’s enough of praising me. Now let’s go somewhere. I am really hungry.”

“Ok so where do you wanna go? McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC…

“Let’s go to KFC. What do you say?”

“Good choice honey. Let’s go.”

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Rishabh Sharma

I am student of English hons in university of Delhi. I am passionate and love writing.

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