He’s hot….but not after this!

Written by Shubhangana Singh

“Look there! He’s so hot!!!!!”

“Where? Where??….Oh, yessss!!! My God! He’s so damn hot!!”

I glanced at where these girls had focused their eyes and I must say he really was hot. The girls were sitting beside me and the mentioned hot guy was sitting diagonally across from me, with a novel in his hand.

Hot! won’t justify his personality, debonair would. Sitting in an eased out posture, his sleeves hugging his biceps, his fingers holding that novel in such delicate manner as if it was sacred, his eyes focusing on every word written so as to grasp the essence they conveyed but slightly distracted from the flick of hair, black, falling over them. His lips were moving with every syllable, might be because it was too loud in the metro, and thus it might be the reason he had earphones on to get into his zone.

It must have been five stations since us three, the girls and I had been exchanging looks with him, only his eyes were glued to his novel. And so these were just one-sided exchanges. The metro stopped and the door on our side opened, he looked up for a few seconds, for the first time in ever, and stood up. We thought he was going to deboard the metro but instead gave his seat to an old man. He must have noticed him entering when he had abandoned his novel for those few seconds.

Till now it was just a peek-a-boo thing, looking at him, but after he stood up, he had this aura of sophistication in his personality, that the mere, but infinite, glances changed entirely into staring. Some shoving elbows, some hushed giggles and whispers were exchanged between the girls for some couple of stations. Me? I was sitting passive, externally, since I had no one to share with what I was feeling.

Suddenly he closed his novel and started searching his pockets and from one of them took out his mobile phone and pressed the answering button. I guess it wasn’t just me who was excited to hear his voice, the girls too wanted to, because what happened after he started conversing was an irony.

“Oh man! Such a mood off!!!”

“Exactly!! Waste of time.”

“He’s hot….but not after this… No. Not at all.”

And yet again, in the battle between the physical appearance and the elite language spoken in fumbled and regional accent, the former won. The latter lost because the determination to learn was looked over. Totally ignoring the nature and the manners, not even considered as contenders.

Me? I kept staring at him because I realised that beauty within was of the commonly ignored things, especially in this scenario.

About the author

Shubhangana Singh

I'm Shubhangana Singh, English Honours student, 3rd yr (Kirorimal). A silent observer. An amateur writer. I love sketching n reading novels. I'm learning italian as well. I'm into tv series and some animes as well.

I love last minute twists in stories. And I'm ambidextrous!!

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