A Dislocated day

fatima khan
Written by Fatima Khan

“I am beginning to lose faith in myself”, said Emma.

As a 16 year old, one goes through a wide array of emotions sometimes so inexplicable and absurd. Even the brightest of minds feel that bizarre sense of not being understood by anyone in the world.
But Emma wasn’t ever a rebel. She wasn’t smartest of the lot but wasn’t ever the black sheep of her family either. At least she thought so.

“Everyone feels this way, it’s only natural, darling.”, said Florentyna, Emma’s counselor cum psychiatrist.
But this wasn’t natural for a girl as suave and debonair as Emma once used to be, even Florentyna knew.
Exactly 2 months back, Edward said those three magical words that would change Emma’s life forever.
“You’re a slut.”
For almost a minute, Emma stood staring Edward right in the face trying to get hold of her nerves to say something witty enough to be classified as an awesome comeback, by the bystanders of course.
“Get lost, you loser.” ,was all that came out.
What else could she have said to someone who once meant the world to her?

Emma returned home from 2 hours of grilling therapy only to witness the last thing she could’ve ever wanted. Her uncle and aunt sitting in the drawing room with her two most annoying younger cousins.
“Welcome back, sweetheart. How was your day?”
“It was okay.”
It didn’t take her much time to realize, this is what the rest of her month was going to be like.
“We thought it would take your mind off your troubles for a while” was Emma’s mother’s reply when asked indignantly what they’re doing here.

“He cheated on you. He was a dog. He has moved on way back, why can’t you? I never liked him anyway.”
“You said he was the sweetest soul you’ve ever met, Brooke, the first time I introduced him to you.”
“If only I knew better. I wouldn’t let him come anywhere near you. I still don’t get why you won’t let me punch him once in the face. That sucker won’t forget it for a long time to come. His annihilated nose would keep him reminded every time he looks in the mirror.”
Emma laughed for the first time in days.
“No dear, it’s my fault. If i wouldn’t have fought with him over every petty issue, he wouldn’t have ever gone to that other girl.”
“Oh my God, Emma! I feel like you’re the more deserving candidate of that punch. How could you even think like that?”, Brooke retorted.
“I’ll see you later, Brooke.”
“Wait, are you coming to school tomorrow?”
A disconnected line was all she could hear.

Everyday Emma would go to her psychiatrist’s office at 10 in the morning. ‘Refresh, Renew and Restart your life’ written on top of the building. She would talk about all the dreadful things she has ever experienced. But for some reason, it seemed as if it would always come down to how Edward left her. How the love of her life cheated on her and yet the whole school ended up calling her names. Be it while walking down the corridor or looking at the front page of her textbooks, ‘whore’ was all she could hear and see.
“Where did I go wrong?” Is what she kept asking herself and Florentyna alike.
If only somebody would tell her, she didn’t; didn’t go wrong.

About the author

Fatima Khan

Fatima Khan is a pursuing English Honors from University of Delhi. She is an expressive and rapturous person. She hopes to become a Journalist in the near future, but leaves rest to fate.
Catch her at [email protected]

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