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Why your school farewell is a day you will remember forever!

Written by Guncha Khanna

No matter how successful and forward you get in life, school memories always stay with you. And without a doubt, they are the best days of our lives! Stress-free and just so much fun. Even if you feel like your school sucks right now, you’re going to miss it once it’s all over. Now that many schools have their farewells around the corner, we suggest you to not miss it at any cost, and here is why!

  1. It is probably the last time that you’re seeing many of your batch mates.

Even though there are promises of staying in touch always, but we all know that realistically at times it is impossible to do so. We all face a new phase and get so caught up in it that we forget to keep in touch. You may talk to your best friends every now and then, but your lab partner or your art class partner wouldn’t have a role to play in your life sooner or later.

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  1. Your teachers.

We all have loved some teachers and disliked some because of their strictness. On this last day of your school life, you have a chance to embrace all those punishments, all those jokes, all those nervous viva moments and thank your teachers for contributing to your upbringing somehow or the other.


  1. Ditching the uniform!

You finally get a chance to ditch your boring uniform and wear something of your choice. Throughout our school lives, we have hated getting up in the morning and wearing certain uniforms on specific days. But on this special day, you have the liberty to wear your favorite color.


  1. The pampering session.

Who doesn’t love getting pampered? All the extra attention that you get from your juniors and teachers, all the love, everything is completely worth it.

  1. Dancing!

Yes, dancing is probably one of the best parts about it. You dance your heart out and live each moment to the fullest. Requesting the DJ for those extra 5 minutes becomes so memorable within few minutes.


  1. The rivalries kind of end 

There are many rivalries between groups and individual students, and on this last day you realize how kidish it is. From your sworn enemy to the classmate you never bothered talking to, everyone gets a hug. Because it is a happy day for all of us.


  1. The group photo!

No matter how much you have hated sitting in that same old classroom and attending nonstop classes with some very weird people, you will definitely need a group picture so that you can look at it after a lot of years and the memories come back rushing at you like it was just yesterday.


Everything about school life is beautiful. You will miss everything after a couple of years. Be it your friends, teachers or the same old building you always dreaded seeing in the morning. Every punishment, every trip and lunch breaks become so special. Cherish it while you can because it sure wont come back. Biding goodbye to school is not an easy task, but life moves on anyway.


We wish you all the best for a new phase in life!


Happy shopping for your farewell!


About the author

Guncha Khanna

Currently studying English literature at KMC,University of Delhi. Reading, writing and painting give me immense pleasure. And I hope to make people think, laugh and enjoy with my writing skills. Happy reading!


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