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The Walk: A journey from ‘child to adult’-hood

Written by Anshul Jain

Hello dear friend why are you waiting by the wall
It’s a fine evening how about we take a walk
With the sun setting in our eyes and the moon bending over
With the streets striped orange and blotted with yellow
I remember the days wearing blue shorts
With a bottle hanged over, heavy as a rock
Our little feet rose to board the bus
Did you see the fight and how he cursed?


The afternoon started with a sprint to the seat
But our bags bouncing, and our teacher’s caveat
I won the race so I get the window
You weren’t faster, I didn’t cheat
Our stop has come and so has the sweat
Running down our necks, racing till the end
We both have a coin and it is enough
For one glass bottle that has to be returned


Then came the teenage and our time to shine
A bag wasn’t cool, the books rested to the right
It’s all scripted it’s all fake
But it is fun to watch, it’s just a game
The sky is now drenched in reds and blues
The clouds scratching and crawling through the hues
Our ground was patched green but barren
The trees were the goalposts but that didn’t matter


But now school is over and so much has changed
There are no uniforms and no silly games
Our books in a closet we have closed
Maybe to lock the memories inked on the notebooks
Our legs aren’t small and our voice is deep
While we ran and raced, now we walk through the breeze
Fifteen years have leaped across
This time has passed too fast
But nothing changes the pride I have
For all the times I shook your hand


About the author

Anshul Jain

Anshul Jain is an Economics undergrad at the University of Delhi. He is best described as the person searching for something better to do. Fascinated with words starting with F and ending with uck(like firetruck). He tries to find a purpose in life by trying to create meaningful art in any possible form he can.

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