Written by Nimisha Narayan

We all build walls.

Everyone has walls, fences around their emotions, their feelings. How far back this wall is what differs from person to person, what makes one person outgoing and the other an introvert. It’s one of those things that helps people understand others at times and at times, judge others.

What are these walls? I ask. Why are they there? What is their need in a life we so proudly call free? That we so happily advocate our freedom in our world that is at our feet?

I’ve heard people talk about being damaged, being hurt, not being able to recover. Does this build the walls? The boundaries that we set for ourselves, the boundaries that limit us, that stop us from being who we are entirely. Is this why the boundaries come up in the first place? Because we are hurt and having been through that, we want to protect ourselves from any further possible harm? What in our minds makes us believe that defining our comfort zone is something that would alleviate the pain, when in some cases, it would exacerbate what is already burnt?

Being hurt is no reason. It’s an excuse, an escape that we have been planning in our heads for a long time now but never fully executing. Till we reach a stage in our life where the people we meet are raw.

Raw. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see this word is real, not touched or changed or altered because of things so exterior to ourselves that they shouldn’t even be able to touch our personal sphere. The world has such of raw people, who have no walls that we speak of, no inhibitions, no fears. Nothing to gain and nothing to lose. Their only aim in life from what I have figured is to enjoy the ride, enjoy the journey, not just ENDURE it.

These people are generally so sanguine that sometimes you doubt whether they’ve been putting on a show their entire lives and if it is truly possible for someone to be this happy, despite all the hardships and challenges in life.

But that’s their secret. That’s what leaves them to be RAW at their core and makes the other people fall into other categories of personality based classification.  They don’t see life as something that will have challenges, hardships, pain and suffering even if it really does. They’ve simply learnt to dissociate themselves from such negative emotions and thoughts. They live their life with only one thing in mind; the beauty lies in everything and before you judge or label something, you must learnt to find the beauty in it.

Most people say that these kind of raw people are not realists, that they are dreamers in a world that no more exists for them and only and only because they are dreamers, they’ll never get real or start living their lives with the seriousness that society expects. But I say, what is the world without dreaming? What is a human being without compassion, fearlessness and a strong mind? What is life without hope and faith?

That’s the only way to break down the walls we have built and to truly live freely.

Hope, Faith & Love. That’s all we need.

That’s all this world needs.

About the author

Nimisha Narayan

I’m a law student, waiting to graduate from Symbiosis Law School, Noida in 2018. I’m a happy person and love all things bright, beautiful, crazy and different. I believe in positivity and I believe in self expression. Writing is one of the simplest ways to let out your feelings, without being judged, pressured or discouraged. The outside world is a difficult place, but writing & reading, give me a little more strength to deal with life, every single day!

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