The Reckless Heart

Written by Anshul Jain

Has there ever been a day
When you looked down the road waving at the children of tomorrow
Who hop around in the fields under the sun’s warmth
While you’re drenched in the rain, of a thousand questions
With your heart carrying on


Did you tell yourself today
This town is the last, that you’ll give up and go home
And be a better man, who wakes up in the morning
And sleeps through the night, with his mind so sure
But the heart carrying on

How long has it been
On this timeline, when you found the stars shining
Sinking down in your heart, making your bed warm
Burning out the nightmares, but what is the point
When your heart is carrying on

So someday, you hope, you’ll find an answer
Or maybe you’ll grow old, and forget the question
But this life is a circle, full of points
But does it matter if you’re at the centre

Have you had those days
When time passed by, stretching you apart
When the skies seemed like rivers, and the clouds a raft
But you wanted to believe it wasn’t true, the pages had a different song
Or was it just a voice in your head, or a different canvas for the art
Or was it just you heart
Counting the stars


So someday, I hope, you’ll break away
Burn all the books, and listen again
To the reckless heart that’s singing your name
And drive away from the nightmare
That you wake up into after every doubt
Remembering the children, who lay in the ground
With the sun up above, setting into the river
Before those stars in your heart burn out


About the author

Anshul Jain

Anshul Jain is an Economics undergrad at the University of Delhi. He is best described as the person searching for something better to do. Fascinated with words starting with F and ending with uck(like firetruck). He tries to find a purpose in life by trying to create meaningful art in any possible form he can.

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