Slam Poem-Do I look okay?

Written by Nimeshee Singh

I ask you if I look okay
But you do not agree
I did the best that I could do
But you seem to dislike me


I stand tall, turn and pose
To flaunt a little appeal
But all I get is the shake of a head
And that does it for me


‘Why can’t, for once, you say to me
That you’re great just as you are?
All I want is to look pretty
Why must you beat me down?’


A little approval, for my self-esteem
A smile, a nod, anything
I don’t know why but your ‘yes’
Somehow means a lot to me.


I try to improve, put on again
A little more of my rouge
I’m willing to paint myself white
So that you can look good


Your sullen face, the same as mine
Can you feel my pain?
You sit, in your cage of glass,
Yet all you ever show is disdain
I loathe me, I loathe you
Does it make any difference?
I look at you— you look at me
An arm-length of distance

A final touch, a last appeal
I cannot wait anymore
I am but lost, a little boat
In the ocean without an oar


“Come on honey, time to go!”
Mom calls from the front door
Ah, my reflection, a portrait incomplete
I look back at you once more.

About the author

Nimeshee Singh

Nimeshee Singh is an avid reader and has been writing short stories, poems and articles on a variety of subjects. She plays the guitar and has a passion for sketching. She also has a blog, clandestinescribe.wordpress.com and a Facebook page, Eigengrau. A foodie and a proclaimed goofball, she is currently in the second year of pursuing her studies in the field of fashion technology from NIFT Mumbai.

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