Come Back My Love

Written by Hitakshu Bhatia

Your smile
Reveals your fine set of teeth
Bulges your pretty cheeks
The childlike innocence of your face
Relieves me of all my pains

Your affection and your warmth
Makes me want to hold you for long
I need your touch so bad
This predicament is so sad

I see every moment with you
As worthy of a rewind
I see the real you
The way nobody does
With the pain, the doubt and the fear

What happened to our hearts?
They used to beat in time
Now the beats seem quieter
Separate yet so entwined

I hope we can find a way back soon
While the best I can do is just try
Our sense of humor is all but the same
Insulting each other in an endearing way
Just like the good old days

best friend

I suppose you would call this our game
I can still feel you around me
I take comfort in knowing you’re near me.
And I know for sure deep in my bones,
We’ll be reunited again my dear.

About the author

Hitakshu Bhatia

Hitakshu Bhatia is a final year engineering student from AISSMS COE, Pune. He loves reading and saunters through life one book at a time. His other interests are writing, travelling and practising Reiki but above all things he's a hardcore foodie and a punjabi music lover.

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