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The Uneducated Literates: 8 times Twitteratis took celeb-bashing a bit too far

Written by Shubhangana Singh

“Does she know full form of RBI..?”

Seems like a question one would ask a 5th standard kid, right? But one will be stupefied to know that the person at the receiving end of this question is a post graduate from London School of Economics and Political Science with work experience in the banking sector as well. Most of you might have already guessed who this person is and those who still haven’t, she is none other than Soha Ali Khan.

Soha Ali Khan tweeted the following,

“Profound loss for India that @RBIGov #RaghuramRajan has been forced to exit. He can only help those who want to help themselves. Shame.”

Yes, it is true that we have the freedom to speak and express our views, but that doesn’t give us the freedom to scathe others’ feelings. This incident highlights the general attitude of people to react rather than analyse what is being said in the first place.

It is a common misconception that actors aren’t meritorious academically and thus when they express their minds to what’s happening around the world, they are immediately met with humiliation often at the hands of many uneducated literates 

It’s not the first time that actors have been the target of these hate tweets.

  1. Karan Johar

On the historic day of June 2015 when USA was environed in rainbow colored happiness, with supports from outside the USA as well, on the American Supreme Court’s ruling making gay marriage legal in all of 50 states, director Karan Johar’s tweeted in support of the same, however he was met with reactions attacking his personal life,wp_ss_20160629_0002 (2)

Director Karan Johar came back with an apt reply,

wp_ss_20160629_0001 (2)


2. Sonakshi Sinhawp_ss_20160629_0007 (2)

When the Earth’s doppelganger was discovered, actor Sonakshi Sinha expressed her happiness for this new found twin planet and concern for the original one, the Earth. Her tweet was met with crudeness.wp_ss_20160629_0009 (2)


3. Sonam Kapoor

Actor Sonam Kapoor was bashed when she tweeted her opinion on the week long ban Mumbai imposed on meat for a Jain festival in September 2015wp_ss_20160629_0017 (2)

Sonakshi Sinha too became a target of this when she expressed her views on the same issue.wp_ss_20160629_0006 (2)

wp_ss_20160629_0005 (2)

4. Anushka Sharma

“Behind every successful man is a woman.” Does this imply that behind this successful man’s failure is also a woman? Well, actor Anushka Sharma might not have been given much credit for cricketer Virat Kohli’s victories (which is quite fine because it was his hard work), then why was she blamed for his bad performances in some matches?wp_ss_20160629_0012 (2)

Well, this time, Anushka Sharma had supporters too.wp_ss_20160629_0013 (2)


5. Priyanka Chopra  

“I just think you can’t put a ban on anyone. Generalizing a type of people is really primitive.” 

On taking a stand against Doland Trump’s call to ban Muslim immigrants in the USA and supporting humanity, what actor Priyanka Chopra received was rather an unexpected reaction from one of her followers,

“Priyanka, politics is not your arena yet. Better just be an actress for now. WAIT!!”

Priyanka Chopra retorted with a witty reply,wp_ss_20160629_0021 (2)


6. Neha Dhupiawp_ss_20160629_0023 (2)

Reactions on actor Neha Dhupia’s tweet on the negligence on the part of the government in Maharashtra, which was directed towards PM Narendra Modi, showed to what low standards people can get down at,wp_ss_20160629_0024 (2)

Totally ignoring the issue, some were rather too interested in commenting on her and her career.
wp_ss_20160629_0027 (2)


7. Shruti Sethwp_ss_20160629_0031 (2)wp_ss_20160629_0029 (2)

We need more than just selfies with daughters to improve their conditions is what Shruti Seth meant by her tweets, which in a way is a valid point. But some supporters of PM Narendra Modi took this to their ego and kibitzed her.wp_ss_20160629_0033 (2)


8. Alia Bhatt 

With a long history of being trolled at, this time, when actor Alia Bhatt expressed her excitement over Rujuta Diwekar’s upcoming book, she was again faced with the same treatment, with tweets such as,

“wow! She can read… or it’s her twitter handler who wants to read this book #dunno”

Alia, with her witty reply, showed that this time, she won’t accept this quietly, “Yes I can read. I can read this tweet too : ) ‘BREAKING NEWS’”wp_ss_20160629_0034 (2)

Although, these actors have large numbers of supporters who come as their saviours but the question still remains, what is the reason of such negative comments to such pondered statements? What makes these people give such uncalled-for reactions? Is it their unawareness, or the actors are just an easy target, or is it being given a platform where one can say anything to anyone, especially to those who are otherwise unapproachable or is it a cocktail of all these?

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Shubhangana Singh

I'm Shubhangana Singh, English Honours student, 3rd yr (Kirorimal). A silent observer. An amateur writer. I love sketching n reading novels. I'm learning italian as well. I'm into tv series and some animes as well.

I love last minute twists in stories. And I'm ambidextrous!!

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