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Why Love Jihad doesn’t exist

Written by Fatima Khan

‘Love-Jihad’, not only one of the most talked about subjects in this year, but also the most manipulated and twisted as well, after of course, Jihad itself.

But before I go around weighing in my own opinion on it, it’s important to first delineate the term and elucidate on what it actually represent

First and foremost, let’s start with the term Jihad, which is thrown around  in almost every conversation which involves terrorism, without even proper knowledge of what it means.
Jihad is an Arabic word which literally means:”to strive to achieve one’s goal” or “to struggle for oneself”. On the same lines, the Quranic meaning of the word Jihad is, “to strive with oneself in the cause of God” or “to struggle to practice the religion in the face of difficulties”.
Now that we have an idea of what Jihad means, it’s equally important to establish what exactly to infer by the term, ‘the cause of God’? Does it mean, killing all those who don’t agree with you?Or bombing the non-believers? Or beheading them, because that is such an ostentatiously visible definition of the word ‘striving’, right? These thoughts are natural to come to anyone’s mind who is as much as vaguely conscious to what’s in the newspapers every alternate day.

‘To strive in the cause of God’, means nothing more than upholding the commandments of God and condemn and avoid anything against the will of God. But then, what is this ‘will of God’?Is it to murder, bomb, kill and decapitate innocents?The Quran clearly mentions,”..if anyone kills an innocent, it would be as if he killed all of the mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the whole of mankind”.
Quran unequivocally condemns the killing of innocents.

Now, coming to Love Jihad, let’s start with the popular context this term is used in. It’s basically meant to imply that Muslims ‘entrap’ non-Muslims(Hindus, predominantly), by alluring the latter to fall for the former, in a romantic connotation, of course. This for starters, is by definition, incorrect. It’s a misnomer. Because of all the things this might be, ‘jihad’ is definitely not one of them. This would be palpable to anyone who would, in fact, know what Jihad meant, but as unfortunate as it is, the majority don’t care to find out.

Also, any Muslim who has so much as read the Quran would know conversion into Islam should be only for the love of the religion and that alone. Allah commands in the Quran that “there is no compulsion in religion” and that “whosoever wills, let him believe, and whosoever wills, let him disbelieve.”

The inter-religious marriages have been on an unprecedented rise recently, hence this new creative invention of the erroneous term. But is it really unprecedented or even recent, for that matter?
Actor Irrfan Khan is happily married to his Hindu wife Sutapa Sikdar, superstar Shah Rukh Khan has been married to Gauri for the past 23 years, Aamir Khan has had two marriages, both to Hindu women.The household of Salim Khan is quite literally a congregation of various religions. Mansoor Ali Khan married Sharmila Tagore back in 1967.
Refresh my memory, if you may? How many of these men got their lovers converted so as to marry them? The ‘trap’ of ‘love jihad’ seems to have fallen flat on its face here.

How about for once, we actually consider that this nothing more than just, love?Irrevocable, aesthetic, beautiful love.Why is it so difficult to even comprehend that?

Love Jihad, is nothing more than a figment of our imagination.It is one of those terms we go around using flippantly many a times without prior knowledge or understanding. Why can’t we see that this is again one of those scandalizing, sensational jargons used merely for political gain? How about that for a trap?Sadly, one we all seem to be falling for.


About the author

Fatima Khan

Fatima Khan is a pursuing English Honors from University of Delhi. She is an expressive and rapturous person. She hopes to become a Journalist in the near future, but leaves rest to fate.
Catch her at [email protected]


  • #just #a friend #passingby

    Well, you kept it really contemporary and society-oriented
    the first part where you started off with the meaning of jihad, many people don’t tend to know the meaning ‘behind’ the word, and that’s how you actually introduce yourself and the topic(jihad atleast), so that was nice.
    the feeling you wanted to put forward and the use of the word ‘strive’ and the word’s stimulus was nicely thought, quite a nice idea for the infatuated gen

    You did a good job clearing people’s misconceptions about what the Islamic god’s will is and what is not, even though its apparent, criticizing a religion(s) is a desire people hold which has somewhat become a hobby of this world to fulfill their sadistic needs and letting off their self-created deep seated anger(and/or grudges). No dear, not generalizing yet. 😛
    This had to be done, now or later, it’s better now than ever. (Cleansing people’s mind about the Will of God)

    Yes, Jihad is a cause, sometimes the sound of it justifies it to a considerable extent but still the actions of terrorist groups by a mile, don’t make the cut.

    Lol Shahrukh khan, Aamir Khan? Poor ’em, became victims in your writing against a majorly perceived social notion, can’t say you didn’t do justice though. (Okay i feel like Paroma Ma’am now.. -_-)

    Nice ending
    will keep people thinking why you ended the article where you did, a food for thought that the audience’s mind craves. That’s supposed to leave an effect. *shrugs*

    P.S. I did try to keep it short.. I did.

  • Firstly,it was really kind of you to spare the time to not only read this article but actually give it such deep thought and come up with an analysis of your own.
    I am glad you did.
    Also if I may return the compliment, that was very well articulated,your thoughts
    Thanks again and keep reading,you are so mega flipping kiddolicious! 😉 😀

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