Dr. Kalam’s Student makes a Facebook Post that goes viral – What will I be remembered for?

Written by Ishaan Sengupta

Srijan Pal Singh, a student of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam recently wrote a Facebook post that shook the country. His feelings for the late former president are profound and clearly depicts how humble professor Kalam was. He reveals their journey along with Dr. Kalam to IIM Shillong, and the day’s proceedings. His words ” I never knew yesterday was my last day with Kalam Sir” clearly depicts his shock.

 Check out this post made by Srijan Pal Singh –

What I will be remembered for.. my memory of the last day with the great Kalam sir… It has been eight hours since we…

Posted by Srijan Pal Singh on Monday, 27 July 2015




Doctor Kalam still remains a popular figure and will be remembered by the entire world.

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