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Dear Lalit Modiji,

Since you and your family are now happy residents of United Kingdom, and assuming that you must be busy in your other ‘important’ foreign jaunts, it is a moral duty of people of your country that they should inform you about the present scenario of the Indian politics. Let’s just say even though you are far away from India, recently you have contributed immensely in making Indian politics even more filthy. In your own little way you have sustained the status of India.


Though you have inherited business skills from your forefathers but you are a self made man as far as politics and corruption is concerned. So what you did a little money laundering that involved an amount of 1,700 crore during your short tenure as chief of Indian Premier League. Did that give the right to Enforcement Directorate to level charges against you? This is so unfair. It is not a big deal!  This is India after all. Huge scams happen every day in India. Then why only you are being scandalised!


However, fortunately we do have hospitable people like Vasundhara Raje  who not only volunteered to be your witness for your immigration application but also accompanied you to Portugal so that you could get your cancer-stricken wife ‘treated’ and ‘celebrate’ her recovery at Ibiza. Yes, India should have ministers like this!


In this whole scenario how can we leave behind Sushma Swaraj. Family is one social unit in society on which we can depend solely through our thick and thin. Given the fact that you had 20 years of ‘close familial relations’ with Swaraj’s family, it was really generous of her to help you with your immigration issue and support you out of ‘humanitarian concerns’ as your wife was really ill. Even Finance Minister, Arun Jaitely and Home Minister, Rajnath Singh came out in strong support of Swaraj and indirectly you. Also assuming PM Narendra Modi’s silence as his way of standing by you, it seems that the entire central government is in your favour.


With such a strong and popular backing how could anyone challenge you? No matter how powerful and intense relationship had been forged between UPA government and U.K. government, they still had no reason to prohibit you from ‘holidaying’. This is evident from the fact that no matter how hard P.Chidambaram tried to deport you from U.K. , he anyway did not succeed.  God, what was he thinking? He probably must not be aware of the fact that even congressmen were supporting you(Modi) in their own way. Rajiv Shukla helped you with your travel papers and Sharad Pawar and Praful patel also supported and encouraged you in all your endeavours. Then how come Congress leaders, Ashok Gehlot and Digvijay Singh and Congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi keep blaming Narendra Modi, holding him responsible for protecting you solely.


Keeping in view the above scenario, one has to agree that you have shaken up the political establishment of India in a way that must be admired. Arun Jaitely is issuing clarifications and denials on the sidelines of a meeting in Stanford. Sharad Pawar is ducking questions. Sushma Swaraj who follows no one on twitter is responding to attacks on her integrity via tweets. And the BJP is left red faced when one its own MPs goes on the record to say that no one should help Bhagoda Modi.


People should salute you because you are a man who thinks nothing of summoning India’s top journalist when you were holidaying in Montenegro while a political crisis with you at its centre rocked India. In a country where corruption is always on its peak, you have made the corrupt personalities realise that sometimes the policy of khaoing and khilaoing can cause severe heartburn. Knowingly or unknowingly, you have contributed a lot in making our Bharat even more Mahaan.


Thank you.

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