Why I prefer my own ‘kind’ of Music

Written by Anandita Dudeja
“What kind of music do you like?”
“I don’t know if what I hear has a name or is a particular genre…”
“Rock, Pop, Country, House or Classical…anything?”
“See, honestly, EDM is definitely not what appeals to me, nor do any of the famous British or English musicians. As a child, what I was exposed to was Kishore Kumar, the Ali Khan clan and R. D. Burman’s ‘type’ of music. Today, my playlist consists of A. R. Rahman and Amit Trivedi’s compositions. I know I give off total snobbish hippie vibes, but THAT’S the kind of music I am a diehard fan of, what most consider ‘boring’ variety of music.”
“Um, okay.”

Ashamed of Bollywood music, aren’t we?
The definition of music is different for everyone.
Music is like the food mothers make; everyone loves the food their mothers make but they won’t necessarily relish what someone else’s mom cooks. The only difference is that you don’t get to choose your mother, but you do get to choose what reflects your personality, your playlist or your favorite artist. Actually, it also depends a lot on what sort of music you’ve been exposed to.
In high school I was hesitant about the music that I enjoyed, I’d literally learn Linkin Park and Bruno Mars songs’ lyrics, because well, peer pressure makes you do shit you wouldn’t want to admit. But, when today my best friend goes after my life to hear EDM and dance to it, I make the bland face he does when I say “Rockstar’s soundtrack gave me chills, hear it out, PLEASE.”
Everyone from my generation at least has definitely had a Linkin Park phase, but, in the end it doesn’t even matter…
I remember learning the lyrics of ‘Numb’ and ‘Just the way you are’ and I am not ashamed to admit it because I know all of us have done this.
As of now, I’ve discovered what I like to hear.
I sometimes think if A. R. Rahman is ever creatively satisfied. What he creates is sheer genius; using adjectives to describe it would be superficial. But, somewhere I believe that either you can be creative or content. Creativity dies when you’re content with your work, you need to be restless and you need to explore what piques your curiosity.
Art is organic and it would not evolve if the artist is satisfied, an artist always needs to challenge his/her vulnerabilities.
Coming back to our playlist being a reflection to our personality; I believe, your playlist is like a piece of clothing you own which Sabyasachi didn’t design exclusively for you, it was out there in the market available to all and you bought it. There will be people who’d have the same taste as yours and who’d also have bought the same piece of clothing; but the memories you have of the time you worn it wouldn’t be same as of the other person. Even if it won’t fit you, you would want to keep it and treasure it.
It need not be exclusive, but it is treasured.
It does not mean that you won’t make additions to your wardrobe and that you won’t experiment with your outfits.
Enough of the closet, what I mean is that I’ve tried a lot and I could not convince myself to like English or British bands/artists. Basically, I’ve figured out my sense of style.
Music has to comfort you and make you feel something; artists like Papon, Rekha Bharadwaj, Swanand Kirkire, Ram Sampath and KK do that for me.
Not that I don’t enjoy being out of my comfort zone. I’m someone who has theories about how awesome discomfort is. I think that post being out of your comfort zone is when you experience utmost contentment. When you put yourself in that zone where your heartbeat is dancing like alphabets do in front of a dyslexic person and when that moment is over; that short span in between where you feel normalcy- is exhilarating; and it’s that calm moment of self-actualization we all subconsciously want to accomplish. Despite all this, the last thing I’d want to experiment with is my ‘type’ of MUSIC. I’m proud of my taste in music.
At the end of the day, Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Dutta, Arundhati Roy and Rabindranath Tagore are all Indians and their books are available in every bookstore, it’s for you to choose.
(Please get the obvious reference.)


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