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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Procrastinate

Written by Nimeshee Singh

Being a master procrastinator myself, I have always found a way to justify my actions (read laziness) whenever someone asks me to do something that would require an immense amount of effort on my part. For instance, writing this article.

It never hurts to be punctual (not a big surprise there, one simply does not delay in ordering a pizza when you’ve skipped lunch) but the pleasure and relief you get from pushing that annoying little task nagging you on the back of your mind (it can always be done tomorrow, right?) is only understandable when you’ve done it. And believe me, it’s addictive – like chocolate.

Here’s why you should procrastinate, and how it will benefit you:


  1. Become like the rest of us

Yes. Welcome to the real world. We are all human, and we all have our high times and our low times. Sometimes you just want to lie down and forget about all the stuff that’s been piling up, and just savour the moment. Life these days has become so planned out that you may not get a moment’s rest if you keep following every day to every thought out second. Have you ever seen the movie ‘Stranger Than Fiction’? Do watch. It explains this situation in the most incredible way.

  1. Learn to cope, for no mountain is too big!

The best way to swim is to jump into the water. The best way to learn to cope in a demanding situation is to be in one. Be imaginative! Create your own opportunities to learn. Any and every way you can figure out how to be caught between a rock and a hard place. Never think it is too late to postpone. There is always a minute or two left!


  1. Sometimes you just get lucky

How many times has it happened to you in school that you did not do an assignment and the next day the teacher was absent? You obviously feel glad that you finished that last season of Friends instead. Maybe you planned to go out one day but felt too lazy to get up, and the next thing you know, it’s raining. Just as well you didn’t get up, isn’t it? Sometimes the forces of the universe just collude in ways that are just so… serendipitous. Lucky, ain’t it?


  1. Build your awesome persuasion skills

No matter how silly the reason why you simply can’t—it takes imagination and persuasion to justify why waking up at seven to gym is not healthy for the body and why waking up at nine (just ten minutes more, please!) is way better.

Not only do you have to convince yourself, but everyone else around you. With all that practice you get, you now have every reason to dilly-dally.


  1. Hone your creativity

Do you remember the times when you stayed up till five in the morning finishing that project you had no idea how to do? Somehow, mysteriously, ideas start pouring in when you are in a crunch, because you look at the oddest of things for any shred of inspiration that may offer you salvation from the dreaded tomorrow.


  1. Instead of doing what you’re supposed to now, try finishing the task you once couldn’t because you were too busy procrastinating

Well, since you have already given up on one task, you can probably take up another that you’ve been postponing since way back—a book you should’ve read but just couldn’t or that laundry that should’ve been done three days back. It’s give n take, baby.

  1. When the deadline’s looming you suddenly become superman

The deadline is in three hours. Suddenly, you are here, there and everywhere. You are invincible. There is nothing under the sun you can’t do. Have to write five thousand words on the making of polymers from monomers? No problem. Twenty-five blueprints by tomorrow? It simply has to be done. And it will be done. The superpowers lent to you by your devious little mind are short lived. Use them wisely and well.


  1. More free time!

Well, that was obvious. Need more be said?


  1. You’re never alone.

No matter where you are, what you’re doing, in the whole population of the earth there has to be at least one person who is in the same situation as you. So you can take comfort in the fact that someone else is also probably stalling some work for the lack of will. Yay, brotherhood!


  1. Instant happiness!

Get an immediate boost of joy through the fact that you have the power to do or not do, and you chose not to. Also you that you’re free at the moment and nobody, and I mean NOBODY can drag you down. To work, that is.
So the next time you guiltily procrastinate, think of think of all these reasons why procrastinating is actually good. Like chocolate. Take the high road (later), be spontaneous and live life dangerously close to the edge!

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Nimeshee Singh

Nimeshee Singh is an avid reader and has been writing short stories, poems and articles on a variety of subjects. She plays the guitar and has a passion for sketching. She also has a blog, and a Facebook page, Eigengrau. A foodie and a proclaimed goofball, she is currently in the second year of pursuing her studies in the field of fashion technology from NIFT Mumbai.

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