Time for an atheist political party – an opinion on conversions and India’s divisive politics

Written by Ishaan Sengupta

I was going through the newspapers today. This is what I stumbled upon – ’40 forcefully converted into Sikhism in Punjab’. The other day I came across another article on the net – ’50 converted to Hinduism in Agra by RSS offshoot Bajrang Dal’.

In spite of the rise in these ‘not so secular activities’, the party which won our hearts and received the People’s mandate, the BJP fails to shed light on its stand on such conversions and this ultimately hampers the image of our Prime Minister.

In another part of the country, AIMIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi was sent to jail for five months for ‘anti – national’ speeches. After MIM won 2 seats in Maharashtra, there have been thousands of debates on the kind of ‘muslim’ politics, MIM plays.

Mayawati is known to appease the Dalits, Mulayam Singh Yadav is criticised to woo the Muslims, and the Congress too. However all of them have quite miserably failed to provide any amenities to the minorities that they had promised during their tenures.

The question that concerns the youth now, is not the religion that they belong to, not the faith they follow but the real issues like security of life, jobs and shelter. I can bet, if you were to ask any Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist or Parsi youth in India, what their just demands are, the first thing on their mind is the want for amenities.

If this divisive politics is to continue, why don’t we start an atheist political party. The only reason why, such a party wont get ‘any’ seats is because India’s atheists are spread out.

I seriously don’t expect anyone to believe that I really wanted such a party to be created, but the point that i am trying to make is that it is high time that our political parties do not ridicule the word ‘secular’. Our constitution, clearly suggests that religious politics is illegal. I also want to point out that , I do not want people to turn into atheists but the point that i was trying to make was that why is it necessary for us to indulge in communal hatred and communal disharmony.

What is even more important is to elect people who really work, who really have proved their worth or the people who provide us a glare of hope locally and not to be carried away by political ‘leader’ publicity ( Modi for BJP, Kejriwal for AAP, Rahul Gandhi for the Congress etc.)  that majority of the parties in our country are riding on.  Because in the end it is the local MLA or the MP who is supposed to look after their constituency and not the leader themselves.

What is more important is to understand that even if the ‘leader’ is a fresh hope for people, it has often been seen that local leaders or affiliate groups end up destroying the image of the whole party or the national leader themselves.

I really hope our nation can rise above the identity politics and can fight over social issues rather than the divisive politics that exists herewith,


Here is a debate that I would recommend everyone to see –


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  • Faith is embeded in heart and mind. Flowers, fire, words are oral and physical presumtions. In Hinduism no one can be converted to high caste BRAHMIN, they are converted as low cast SHUDRAS AS per MANUSMRITI:

    The tongue of Shudra who spoke evil about Brahmin should be cut off (Apastamba Dharma Sutra II/10-26.
    Those who are with stinking conduct they will enter a stinking womb, either the womb of a dog or the womb of a swine or womb of Shudra (Chandogya Upanishad 5-10-7)
    Shudras must be prohibited from hearing, studying Vedas (Brahma Sutras
    More on google Why Dr.Ambedkar burnt Manusmriti.

    Due to Brahmins discrimination of Shudra Hindus converted from, 850Bc to Jainism, from 500Bc to Budhism. Budhism was born in India but stamped out of India by Brahmins. Due to this discrimination Hinduism was confined to India only. In Asia from SriLanka to Japan there are more Budhists than Hindus.

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