An open letter to my ex-girlfriend

Written by Ishaan Sengupta

Dear Parineeti,

It has been a year since we have talked to each other face to face. While I moved to Delhi, you’ve seemed to have made your presence felt in Pune.I hope this new city has brought immense joy and happiness into your life. I know you enjoy adventures and Pune must be a blast for you.  I am really happy for you, considering the fact that you are acing your University exams. Your close friends – my ‘Facebook Friends’- have a lot to talk about you and I have had a lot to listen to. In fact our mutual friends have only been jabbering about you since the day I clicked on the ‘Accept Friend Request’ button.

Considering the position you are in, I guess you might be worried as to how much I know about you. You might even be cursing me as you proceed further into reading the whole letter. I know what your are thinking:

‘Does he know about my rustication from college?’

Well yes I do..and the message you sent me last week signifying how well you scored in your exam, left me unaffected. Because it did not affect your life either as you didn’t even give your exam.

‘Does he know Iv’e been in and out of jail for thievery ?’

Well yes I do..someone told me you succeeded in stealing gold ornaments from your Local jeweler on Dhanteras day. But then, you forgot that there was a CCTV Camera on the wall behind you, capturing all the movements you made.

‘Does he know that I’ve been doing lines and smoking brown sugar?’

Sure, why else would you be a kleptomaniac? I see you have identified dealers outside your college. In fact you’ve been kicked out of your hostel for the misbehavior. I do know how you survived the next three days out at a friends place. I do know where you went after that too.

‘Where did I go?’

I was told you went to a party where you met a stranger and you enjoyed the night at his place. He used you, and you allowed yourself to be used. You did not feel the need to notify your hostel where you had been. They called up your dad, and he tried calling you. You told him, to stay out of your life and that you were fine.

‘I am Fine. Am I not?’

The answer to this question, lies in your question itself. No you are not. You have turned into a Nymphomaniac. A drug addict and you have disappointed your parents.  They have cancelled your credit card, your debit card and you still find no urge in living a better life.

‘Does he know how I earn a living now?’

Well of course I do. Apart from sleeping with Mr. Stranger everyday, you sleep with other men to satisfy your craving for hard drugs. They just pay for your food, while you get shamed everyday. You have successfully turned your self into an object that men crave for. Slowly they will lose interest in you. Your skin is dying, your eyes are shutting down, but you stay untouched. You just want a brief moment of happiness.

‘Why should I care about what you think?’

I might have been misinformed, but this is something that I have been hearing from your friends. You should care because you have a baby on the way. You should care because Mr. Stranger just does not want it. You should care because it is a matter of time before Mr. Stranger takes an extreme step  and you stay holding your belly, crying, not because of the pain from his kick, but because your child will be no more.

You should care because you are 19 years old, and you will be a mother before you even celebrate your 20th birthday.

I know you have left his house, in search of solace. I know you Whatsapp-ed me from a place where no one was around. I know you intend to leave Mr. Stranger to start afresh. I know you are no where close to being a perfect daughter. But it is high time you mended your ways.

Your dad called me up yesterday and asked me to ask around for you. He asked me to convince you to come back to his home.


I only have one thing to say to you. You still have a long life ahead. Your baby still has a long life ahead. You still need to breathe a bit of fresh air to get back on the track. Because frankly there is no shame in accepting the reality.



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