Mobile Phones, Making or Destroying Us?

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Written by Anand Prakash

Well,it would not be wrong if i call this era as “the mobile era”.Yes,its indeed that.Mobile phones have become analogous to oxygen or if I try to broaden my overview,I’d call it a part and parcel of our life.Here is a question that will surely grab your attention and invoke your mind to ponder about how important mobile phones are to us.

Can we even live one day without mobile phones?

Well the answer is quite simple – ‘No’

It has become as important as food, clothes and a roof above our heads. I was just going through some lead Journal and the data showed some very interesting facts.72% people said they can not live a single day without mobile phones.There were some people who make as many as 73 calls a day.Some media people had to say they are all 18 hours or so on mobile and maximum said they surf WhatsApp,Facebook,Viber and famous social networking sites when they were asked as to what they surf most.

Mobiles have indeed brought a revolution in today’s world.I can talk to my mom whenever i wish,i can send pics of my College,my debates,or any other important event to my brother on Whats App, i can view the pictures of Manchester that my cousin sister uploads on fb sitting there and I can see them sitting here in Delhi. Earlier i used to go to a Cyber Cafe, pay Rs 20 for one hour and there were a few more issues – net used to be too slow.

Now I can surf the internet on my mobile phone without taking the pain of travelling to a cyber cafe and spending a larger phone and us

But if technology had limited itself to just that and the functionality of mobile phones had been restricted for the above mentioned uses,it would have been still good, but as it is said there are two faces of the same coin.We have become less social,we have taken WhatsApp,Facebook,Viber etc for a more valuable companion. And with this we indeed have become socially awkward. Teenagers are spending too much of their time on mobile phones and doing more of mischief than good – hacking facebook accounts,watching porn  which they are finding it available for such a less price.Mobile Phones indeed have given way to crimes as kidnapping,looting,murders etc.

However, mobile phones can not be and should not be stopped or banned,it all depends on you if you are accessing it for a good purpose then it is good for humanity as a whole but utilising it for non-constructive purposes shall ultimately harm you and your community.

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Anand Prakash

Anand Prakash is a second year student of English Honours at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. He comes from a humble setting in Bihar and believes in principles. He is determined to make the world a better place and thus finds happiness in giving his opinion on issues that really need to be addressed. He enjoys reading books and music too.

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