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As soon as you complete school, the most hyped course that you would come across is English Honors. This is one subject that everyone has in their curriculum, no matter what stream of subjects they had in high school which makes it very popular. But not many people are aware about what exactly this course is about. It has much more in it than only novels and correct grammar. Here is a list of things that you need to know about this course and clear your misconceptions!

STEREOTYPE 1 : English honors is all about reading novels and then just simply giving exams based on them.

This is a highly wrong statement. In three years of your graduation, you are bound to read at least 60 texts or maybe more. It is not only about reading them, but you have to think-analyze-criticize every single text you are reading. Also, there is a lot of background reading that is involved along with it.

STEREOTYPE 2 : Doing English Honors? You are superior to everyone else doing something else.

The fact that English is not something that we all are comfortable with and it’s not our first language makes it a lot more hyped. It is a western language and the western trend is anyway supposed to be a step ahead of us. Everyone starts considering you as ‘The sophisticated one” .However, pursuing this course does not in anyway make you superior to any other person.

STEREOTYPE 3 : We are more like a walking dictionary for people.

If you are studying English, at least once you have come across someone who has asked you “What is the meaning of this word?” as if every single day in class we are given a dictionary that we need to mug up. Reading so many texts does make your vocabulary better, however it in no way makes you perfect at it.

STEREOTYPE 4 : It’s more about the language.

Not many people understand this, however English Honors is actually English literature where you read everything from psychology to philosophy to history. It’s not just limited to novels or particular genres. It has drama, poetry, classics, fiction and everything and anything. It is a plethora of literary genres.

STEREOTYPE 5 : Eligibility.

Not only people with amazing communication skills and perfect grammar can pursue this course, but people who have a keen interest in literature can study it. Its not merely about how your English is or how fluent you are, it’s more about knowledge. And this kind of knowledge that you take with you once you graduate is rather way above than any kind of marks.

STEREOTYPE 6 : English Honors is ‘easy’!

No, it’s not. If you think doing engineering or medical is tough, then so is studying English Literature. You are about to read major texts that will change you as a human being. They will change your outlook towards social issues and the society. Scoring a 60% is actually one of the highest percentages you will score.

STEREOTYPE 7 : The way we look!

English Honors students are generally expected to look more Indian wearing kurta’s, carrying jholas and big fat classic novels in our hands. We are supposed to look more like scholars and intellectuals which is pretty amusing!

STEREOTYPE 8 : Anyone can study English Literature.

Not everyone can. There are so many students who opt for this course and by the end of it are found struggling to answer even a single question in the exam. Even if you read every single ‘story’ carefully and mug it up, it’s never going to be enough. Being an avid reader does not in anyway make you ‘fit’ for the course.

English Honors is like a makeover studio for your mind and nature. Things and topics that are not discussed openly in our society like sex, prostitution, rape etc are going to be a major part of your readings. It took me almost an year to understand all these things. However, it’s amazing how studying English has changed me so much as a person. My vision towards things and mindset has definitely witnessed a major change.

It’s not just a ‘flashy’ course that gives you a sophisticated air. It’s a lot more than that!

Happy reading!


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Guncha Khanna

Currently studying English literature at KMC,University of Delhi. Reading, writing and painting give me immense pleasure. And I hope to make people think, laugh and enjoy with my writing skills. Happy reading!

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