I was a born leader – Never doubt yourself !

I remember writing down a poem when I was in first year. It was a time when I found it hard to cope up with the culture shock I had to face when I moved to Delhi from Kolkata. The people were harsh, they had their own ways of doing things and they barely cared about others. The poem goes somewhat like this –

These memories they take away the pride I had,

So I could find a reason to survive.
Another day, without taking away my own life,
With the license to kill the mistakes I might have made.
So I know what it feels like to find a person who is to be blamed,
but when I look at the mirror, I shout,”Murderer”.
Now I’m sitting in a car called life without the will to steer,
And it aches me to go near to a feeling that’s best expressed as ‘fear’.
What do I do? I still don’t know.


It took me about six months to open up. To find the right people whom I could call ‘friends’. I eventually did. It surprises me how people end up being extremely selfish. I was a living example of the connotation I just made. I had different friends for goofing off, different ones for studying with and till date its the same situation. But you realize that this is how everybody operates daily. At the same time, It teaches you something every single day. And thankfully everything you learn is different.

At the beginning of the second year, I had made up my mind. I knew I was mediocre, but i had enough talent to reach the top. So I geared up and prepared myself for the challenges ahead.

What I eventually realized was that every leader, is made by the people around him/her. The more he or she is respected and aided by a significant number of people, the better leader he/she becomes. Keeping this advice in mind, I started two college societies with the assistance of key,talented and like -minded associates/peers. The new recruits showered me with respect and gratitude. That made me realize my achievements. It gave me greater joy to lead them to competitions and sessions in and outside the campus. The performances of my team was fabulous and above the mark.

By the end of second year, I knew what being a leader meant. It did not mean herding sheep into the barn, neither it meant being proud and ending up as an egotistical wrench. The only validation of a good leader is his compassion and willingness to be friends with every single person in the team and they assist them in the endeavors that would suit the greater good.

I stand here, in my third  and final year in university, looking to be of a greater use to greater good.  I wonder how I have evolved. From the shy kid in first year to the not-so-shy adult in final year. It feels proud to accept that being mediocre never changed my soul for the worse. I was never the class monitor, neither was I a prefect nor the Head Boy, but i meant SOMETHING to A LOT OF PEOPLE and this bonding with others helped us succeed as a TEAM and that gives me more pleasure than anything else in the World. That makes me A BORN LEADER.

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Ishaan Sengupta

Ishaan Sengupta believes meeting people and understanding their differences gives him kick and a good trip. Hailing from the city of joy, he carries along with him the bong culture of "living and breathing" music, food and art. The socially awkward correspondent in team, he's currently pursuing a Bachelor with Honors in Economics from Motilal Nehru College. His favorite cartoon shows are Teletubbies and Dragon Ball Z. Do drop him a mail at [email protected] in case you want to give him some free advice or want to meet him personally.

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