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Have Real Fun This Diwali – WITHOUT THE CRACKERS!

Written by Guncha Khanna

Diwali is definitely one of the happiest festivals of India and is already around the corner. It’s beautiful and joyous. This ‘festival of lights’ is celebrated every year with loads of crackers and sweets. But there are two types of people – first, who are completely against bursting crackers simply because they are very harmful for humans and the environment and second, who love crackers and choose to overlook these negatives. It’s definitely a matter of preference and opinion, but if you don’t want to abandon these crackers altogether we have these ways in which you still can have the same fun but without these crackers!


Clean your house like never before. This is the perfect time to show your cleanliness skills and help your mom. Cleanliness is godliness and your house definitely tells a lot about your personality and the most important thing it gives you happiness.

Make a rangoli. It doesn’t matter if you’re not that good with art and you don’t have that precision, give it a try. Make it colorful and vibrant and it will look beautiful. Instead of using artificial powder colors that we get in the market, use natural spices to make a rangoli. Or use flowers!

Instead of using bulbs and lights to decorate your house, use earthern lamps. Diyas are way more prettier and eco-friendly as they don’t use electricity. You can even paint them to make them even more beautiful. During the day, use colorful flowers to decorate your house!

You can also use old saris and cloths, twist them and place them anywhere in your house to add that special effect to your decorations.

Diwali 1


We all have hectic lives, busy schedules, crazy amount of work and so we hardly get time to meet our relatives,friends and neighbors. Festivals are a perfect time to go out with people or host a party at your place. Give them a call and make a plan. So, meet and greet!

Give gifts that are handmade, make greeting cards, put a little more effort and spread happiness!


Yes you read it right. ‘Happy’ crackers! And these are of two types. First, now-a-days there are eco-friendly crackers available in the market, which are harmful but less harmful than the usual one’s. But this Diwali give them a complete miss and opt for DIY Happy crackers.

This category is specially for kids who love the noise of the crackers. Use balloons instead. Fill the balloons with powder glitters and burst them, this will make a little noise and give them the sparkle they are looking for. It’s definitely a great alternative.

Also, use brown paper bags. Fill them up with air, and burst them with your feet or hands. It will also make some noise. However there is paper wastage, but it is definitely less harmful than the usual crackers.


Food is the most important part of any festival. And the fun part is that it brings people together. So instead of buying sweets from the market, spend time in making them. Use homemade ingredients and make sweets that you love. And you never know, you might just find a chef in you!


We spend so much of money on crackers but forget how not everyone has the privilege to even celebrate festivals. This Diwali, go out of your way, visit an NGO, and make someone happy by spending some time with them and giving them gifts because everyone has the right to celebrate every single festival, no matter what.
diwali 5

The noise pollution and the air pollution that these crackers cause is way more harmful for humans,animals and environment than you can even imagine. But, Diwali is a very special childhood memory for kids and so you can’t stop them from making the most out of it. However, as adults you can opt for alternatives and spread awareness in them about the harm it causes to our fellow beings.


With crackers or without, we hope you have a very safe and amazing Diwali this year. Spread love and happiness!


About the author

Guncha Khanna

Currently studying English literature at KMC,University of Delhi. Reading, writing and painting give me immense pleasure. And I hope to make people think, laugh and enjoy with my writing skills. Happy reading!

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