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GTA IIT Delhi – An Awesome Video Game

Written by Aditya Rathore

If you thought IIT Delhi was a place for nerds, who do nothing but study. But I bet after watching this video, you’ll be shocked and surprised too.

This video was compiled by Sanchit Kalra a student of IIT Delhi. It is turning out to be a great success. This video was uploaded a month ago and has already got more than 118500 hits which is very cool. Well youtube is turning out to be a great place to make money and that is why the number of people doing video blogging is increasing everyday.

This video has definitely changed the way I used to think about IITs and I am sure you are also thinking same if you have watched it. They are no more the place where robots were prepared to export but the students are trying to build something on their own  and that’s how India will progress.

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Aditya Rathore

Aditya, a young mind with a concrete determination to create a good difference in the society. He began this project at a very local stage and soon it has spread as wild fire. His views, his thoughts and his ability to search miracles in everyday moments has made him what he is.

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