Why Banning Pornography might help

Written by Ishaan Sengupta

Those people who once protested against such heinous crimes have lately been busy with tending to their personal needs. “Why do they wear such clothes” they say. ” Why do they have to adopt westernization, isn’t our culture good enough” they said.

They often forget that women in interior villages who wear “decent” clothes are violated more often. If a Chief Minister can restrict the wearing of swimwear, it would not be hard to judge the mentality of the people who voted for him in the first place for his ‘good deeds’.

Today morning,I stumbled upon this -’ Woman brutalised,murdered, gang-raped and mutilated in school in Lucknow’ and ‘Bangalore 6-year-old rape: City residents take to streets in protest’

A few days ago i read this in a newspaper,

“22-year-old violently gang-raped in moving car in Ghaziabad; dumped with her hands and legs tied, bottle shoved inside her private parts.”

Why do you feel such hatred for women, infact why do you feel they are inferior to you?.  There is definitely an answer. However this answer has various parts. One of which I could justify and attach my personal experiences with.

This particular answer might be trivialised by a large pool of people, but just because I have “been there and done that”,  I feel it is one of the most important  reasons for such crimes.  The answer being Pornography.

Pornography is readily available on the internet, and a survey on a renowned newspaper suggested that a majority of males from the age of 12 to 35, are prone to regularly watching Pornography.

While some people say, ” don’t worry it’s natural, everybody watches it”, i would not like to endorse it any further. If you go to pirated CD shops and ask for them, the vendors would happily sell you their goods for 40 – 50 rupees.  There are websites on the internet which offer unlimited access to ‘blue films’ for free. Such is the condition of the internet we so love.

If Prostitution is Illegal, what right has Pornography done?

In fact, ex – Prostitutes have mentioned in various documentaries that they had been forced into Prostitution and just to earn more money they had agreed to be Porntars. In fact getting that role was so tough that it meant sleeping with literally the whole cast and the crew.

However this was not what I used to think till lately. We were  stakeholders in this racket too. I often heard my friends saying and laughing about how watching Pornography was “harmless and natural”.

Until that day when a college friend of mine shared a link of a video which changed my perspective on this horrible racket. It was a TedX video which described how Pornography was “no fun”. He mentioned how horribly the focus of such films is directly linked to Intercourse whereas there is virtually no focus on loving or cuddling one’s partner.

Coming to the grimmer reality of pornography which affects one’s psychological structure. While people feel they are just watching a “movie”, they endorse the idea that women are the ones feeling the pain and that they are weak. There are a few horrible genres of Pornography which aggravate such distraught thinking like BDSM, Forced and Hardcore Porn which include torturing women,tormenting them shamelessly and raping them in a horrible circumstances. Unless we can stop this we can never expect to get rid of this sick mentality.

This in turn makes you believe that Pornography has a major part to play in heinous crimes against women.

What has our Government done to restrict it? Nothing.  The United states government has legalized pornography yet they have strongly condemned the inclusion of minors in this field. They have also asked for websites to charge their ‘customers’, a fee for their ‘movie’ services. Pornstars are liable to pay taxes on their incomes as well.

It is high time that we understood the importance of this situation and that we rectified it. I still remember what i said to myself the day i watched the TedX video – “It is healthier to exercise in the morning rather than channeling grim energies into sexual frustrations.”

I would like to thank the people who have read this article and that I feel relieved that I could let it all out and type it down for others.

Watch this video by Ran Gavrieli. It might just change your opinion on Pornography.

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