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As soon as you finish school and think of getting yourself enrolled in a college, you will no matter what think of Delhi University at least once. There are also people who grow up dreaming about studying in a reputed Delhi University college. Whether DU is overrated or overhyped, that is for you to decide, however, there are certain things about it that make it different from all the other universities. Being a DU-ite will always be a matter of pride and if you are going to be a part of this Delhi University gang, you need to know what all you are going to learn in these three long years!



Getting into DU is probably the hardest task right now, with such soaring cut-offs, however once you do, the first thing you will notice is the crowd.

All Delhi University colleges have a mixed crowd, people from all sorts of backgrounds, cultures and places. All have different speaking styles, clothing style, personalities and it is literally a treat to watch. Making friends is not an easy task, however once you do, your thinking is definitely going to change! You tend to become less judgmental as DU literally has a mini India in itself!


Even though girls hesitate to go in a girl’s college, once you do, all the myths about it are proved wrong and you do find your soul sisters! The comfort level can’t be matched.



Delhi University, most of the colleges, do not have very well built buildings which are expected because of the fact that it is so old. However, once you start attending college and get used to that ambience, the wooden benches, broken  doors and every other thing, you are going to love it. People might think it is a drawback, however, this is something that makes DU very different and cool!


Leaving school and entering into this whole new world where you are independent, you can eat what you want, wear what you want, and the day you realize it, you will get a little crazy. Money management initially does become a problem. You are never going to understand as to how exactly this works, but this is how it is!

On the other hand, it also helps you learn this money management system. One fine day you are going to be good at it.


FOOOOOD! So many eateries, around every single college, such great food and so yummy! As soon as you enter college, you are about to have the time of your life especially the food! QD’S, BYD, YOLO, SHAKES SQUARE, CHOWRANGHEE ! DU has every amazing restaurant.

Even if you are staying in  a PG, you will have fun. In no time, it will become like your second home.



DU, in general, has so much to offer. It gives you various opportunities to bring out the creative side in you. It has so many societies that help you embrace any kind of talent that you have. At times, students discover their talents once they start studying at DU, which is amazing.

The fests that take place in DU, are one of a kind. All year long, if there is one thing that all the students irrespective of their universities wait for, is the DU fest!


The feeling of not being forced to attend a class that you don’t like is priceless! Lecturers, most of them at least are pretty lenient. There are attendance issues in certain colleges, however fulfilling the minimum criteria is not a problem.

When it comes to comfort level, even in the way you dress, people are okay with anything. You can be you. But there is also a particular style that persists from time to time. Like, flip flops are eternal! Every DU-ite, at least once has worn them to college.


The first time you witness elections, it is going to be epic. The atmosphere is crazy. All the pamphlets everywhere, people coming in again and again to convince you to vote for them, cancelled classes and the feeling of being a VIP sets in. You feel really important. And also elections also mean free food!

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A single article can never explain how much you tend to take with you once you graduate, being in DU is one roller coaster ride that you won’t forget ever. Once a DU-ite, always a DU-ite! You make friends that stay forever, you find love at times, make connections with the lecturers, find your passion and so much more and so the hype about the university is somewhat justified.
So we wish all the best to all the students who are about to enter this amazing place, no matter which college, and hope you have the time of your life!

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