Written by Harsha Gautam


‘Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out.” –Katherine Dunham

What lies within?

Within you resides a soul which has answers to all your queries. A soul which has the strength to tackle all your difficulties. A soul that comes to life through ‘Meditation’.

What is Meditation?

Meditation to me is a powerful tool which can kick-start a journey towards ‘self-discovery’ and bring about an unimaginable difference to a person’s life. Had it not been the case, then Siddhartha would have never become Buddha, ‘The Enlightened One’.

How to Meditate?

Here are a few tips to help you start off this beautiful journey, during which you’ll be ‘engulfed by the light of your heart’ and finally discover a new you.


  • A Quiet Place
    A library is believed to be the best place to study, because it is quiet and serene and thus creates ambiance perfect to concentrate. Similarly, in order to dwell into the deep study of your inner self via meditation, you need to find a tranquil place to undertake this venture of self-discovery. And it believed that a peaceful and quiet place can make this whole experience enjoyable and soothing.



  • A light Warm-up
    A few warm-up exercises before sitting to meditate help in improving circulation, removes restlessness and helps in making the body feel light.

All of this together helps to sit steadily for a longer period. But make sure, you don’t indulge into heavy exercises as they might tire you and you might doze off while meditating. (Unless you take the phrase, “meditation is relaxation”, way too seriously)


  • A comfortable Posture
    Mind and body are intertwined and if the body is well-balanced, the mind will also be in balance. Therefore, it is important to sit with spine upright and head up while meditating because if you slump, your mind will drift away. Be comfortable and keep your neck and shoulders relaxed.

Also, it’s a myth that you always have to sit in Padmasana (lotus position) to meditate; you can sit on a chair or cross-legged on the floor, all depends on your convenience.


  • Focus on the Breathe
    All set and done, we now come to answering that how do we actually meditate?
    It is natural to sway away with the random thoughts that cross your mind once you close your eyes. To bring your mind to a meditative state, the easiest thing you can do is, focus on your breathing and remember NOT regulate it. Notice your breath streaming in and out and keep a count of it. Counting the breathe, is actually an ancient meditation practice and it helps you at closing the door to unwanted thoughts which otherwise might steal away your attention.




  • Discovering Yourself
    After you’ve reached a stage where you’re in control of your emotions and away from any disturbances and when no thoughts can break your focus, you’re ready to undertake your exploration.



  • Duration
    This aspect varies from person to person. But to start off, try meditating for 10-15 minutes. You can gradually increase the length to 25 minutes and then even up to an hour or beyond. But do not compel yourself to sit for a period longer than your mind and body permits.


  • Enjoy Meditating
    When you sit down to meditate, try to keep a gentle smile on your face throughout. Now this does not mean that you sit there with a wide grin unless your cheeks hurt. A faint little smile would do.

           You should actually try to enjoy meditating to bring it to be a part of your packed daily routine.


Once you start meditating, you’d come about to the realization that meditation is not just relaxation but a tool to help us respond to the difficulties and joys of our lives, gracefully and in a more appropriate manner. Meditation is diving deep into the ocean of self-discovery and settling our prolonged queries. After all, there are some questions, Google cannot answer. *wink*

About the author

Harsha Gautam

A traveler! That's what I am, apart from being a final year History Hons student at Miranda House, Delhi University. Via the historical walks I take and conduct, I travel through time and take a dive into the deep sea of our ancient past. Books come to my rescue when it comes to places, I cannot reach. One of my favorite hobbies is to hunt down haunted places and pen down my experiences there. (Yes, fascination triumphs over fear at times). A bit of a reader, a bit of a writer and a full-time explorer, all put together, create a 19 year old, vying to unravel a new mystery each day.


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