5 Bands You Need To Discover Now!

Written by Nimisha Narayan

How many times have you sat down listening to Paradise by Coldplay and have dreamt of Paradise when you’ve closed your eyes? What about all the times you were listening to Counting Stars by One Republic and looking up to the sky to actually count them? Did you cry the first time you heard and fully understood that when a heart breaks, it don’t break even, in the wise words of The Script? There are many bands out there that create magical music which has the ability to change your life in many ways. Sadly, many of these bands don’t make it to mainstream music news because of many reasons. Here’s a list of 5 Bands that you must start listening to. If you’re kind of over the electronic music that’s breaking charts these days.

Imagine a band drawing it’s inspiration from the great Pink Floyd and creating music that is somewhat similar to them, with an India Rock twist. That’s Alt-J for you! Alt-J is a band formed in 2007 in Leeds, United Kingdom. Their basic genre is Indie-Rock but they use a lot of Pop culture techniques to give their songs an extra edge.



Band Members: (Left to Right) Gus Hamilton (Keyboard), Gwil Sainsbury (Guitar), Thom Green (Drums), Joe Newman (Vocals & Guitar)
They are also known as ∆ which represents change, as a triangle is used to depict ‘delta’ in the sciences, meaning change. All their songs have beautiful meanings and are generally related to a story that happened in real life, either with one of the band members or with some famous personality whose story they explain perfectly.
Most Famous Songs: Fitzpleasure, Taro, Breezeblocks
Most Famous Lyric: ‘Triangles are my favourite shapes.
Three points where two lines meet’


Yes, Paramore. Why are we talking about this band in this list? Because Paramore existed long before ‘Decode’ was chosen as official soundtrack for Twilight or before ‘Still Into You’ made it big on charts across the world. The initial genre of the band was Alternative and that’s the Paramore we want you to discover. This band was formed long back in 2004 in Tennessee, USA. There were initially five members in the band but currently, there are 3. One of the few bands to have rocked us all with a female lead singer writing and singing songs like any of her male counterparts would’ve, their initial songs can take you to a different world altogether.



Band Members: (Left to Right) Taylor York (Rhythm Guitar, Percussion & Backing Vocals), Hayley Williams (Vocals), Jeremy Davis (Bass)

As a band, Paramore have faced many ups and downs together and their feelings about these situations have always reflected in their music. This is why you’ll find that most of their Pre-‘Still Into You’ songs are extremely relatable to many different situations of our lives.

Most Famous Songs: Misery Business, Ignorance, Born For This
Most Famous Lyrics: ‘Where’s your gavel, your jury?
What’s my offence this time?’

‘Well you built up a world of magic,
Because your real life is so tragic’

Sunrise Avenue

Formed in 2002 in Finland, Sunrise Avenue has songs that could very well form the soundtrack of any person’s life. From greatly inspiring songs to extremely sad ones, these guys successfully tell us a story we all can understand and empathize with. Their basic genre is alternative rock bordering a rock pop mix. Despite having performed live 2000 times, Sunrise Avenue remains one of the lesser known bands for unfathomable reasons.



Band Members: (Left to Right) Raul Ruttu (Bass), Riku Rajamaa (Lead Guitar), Samu Haber (Vocals), Sami Osala (Drums)

A smaller fan base does not mean a simpler life, definitely not for this band. A few years into their inception, they fired their old guitarist Janne, who sued them claiming that they could not perform as Sunrise Avenue without him. A legal battle stretched on for a long 3 years, till they reached a settlement and retained the legal rights of ‘Sunrise Avenue’ with Samu Haber, the only original member left from the 2002 formed band. Sunrise Avenue’s songs will give you a deeper meaning to the everyday life you live, that’s for sure!
Most Famous Songs: Fairytale Gone Bad, Forever Yours, Wonderland

Most Famous Lyrics: ‘I will find something more, someone I am made for,
Shame on you baby, forever yous’

‘Tell them a fairytale gone bad’


Ok Go

Now this is a band that very few have heard of. Ok Go began in 1998 in Chicago, Illinois. Known for their quirky and creative music videos, Ok Go ensures that the songs they create are nothing short of brilliant. Originally an alternative rock band, they have now successfully shifted to a pop rock genre for many of their new songs. Whether you listen to each song 10 times a day or not, it will definitely be in your mind for the relatable lyrics and the eccentric but meaningful music videos.



Band Members: (Left to Right) Tim Nordwind (Bass), Damian Kulash (Vocals), Dan Konopka (Drums), Any Ross (Guitar)

Most Famous Songs: Here It Goes Again, Writings On The Wall, I Won’t Let You Down

Most Famous Lyric: ‘Then you bring your mind, to rest against mine
But the mind has no say on affairs of the heart’



An all girl band that is slowly topping the charts but still isn’t as popular as it probably should be. Not only is Haim an all girl band, the three girls in this band are sisters. A lot of their music is influenced by the type of music they grew up with in the house. Haim was formed in 2007 and started with small performances in restaurants and so.
It was only in 2012 that Haim began to operate as a full time band and started to create songs that were one hit after another.



Band Members: (Left to Right) Alana Haim (Percussion), Este Haim (Bass), Dainelle Haim (Guitar and Vocals)

Most Famous Songs: Pray To God, The Wire, Don’t Save Me

Most Famous Lyrics: ‘Always keep your heart locked tight,
Don’t let your mind retire’

These are just a list of 5 bands out of the many that don’t get the recognition they deserve. Whether it’s different take on the music or the way they sing the lyrics, we can guarantee that atleast 2 out of the 5 bands on this list will win your heart and a way onto your playlist for a good period of time. So what are you waiting for?

Indulge in newfound fandom, love the words that speak to your heart, smile to the beats that are in tune with yours and enjoy the magic that lies in the music!

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