3 Expressions: When You Get To Know That Your University Results Are Due Soon

Written by Ishaan Sengupta

You are relieved when your exams are over, but what awaits you is the the sheer horror of your results. You manage to enjoy your self for about 15 days after your exams end, but when someone reminds you that those days will soon vanish into the oblivion, you are forced to show your colors. Obviously, the first reaction is to curse the person who gives you the bad news but what follows the initial bidding is something to be understood and humored. Here is a list of things that people do when this sudden news hits their ear drums:

1. Start Studying for the next semester to show your parents that you are compensating for the horrible results that you expect you’ll get:

You’ll find people doing this a few days before the results are expected to be announced. they understand, that they’re exams have not been the best and that is the only way they can convince their parents to not ground them.

An ideal example:(what the person expects to happen)

Dad: ‘Son your results were horrible’

Mom: ‘ At least he is studying for the next semester”

What actually happens 

Both Parents,’You are grounded”


2. Enjoying your heart out, so that you can make the most of the days you have left before your results are announced:

This happens to a lot of people who believe that getting scolded is inevitable. So they plan on utilizing the ‘happy’ days completely.They’ll party the most on these days.

An ideal example( What the person expects to happen): “Hey are you not scared of how your results would turn out”

“Of course I am, So I’m planning to rock it out in the pub tonight. Wanna come along?”

What actually happens: “The plan got cancelled and I am in no mood to listen to people scolding me.”



3. Telling your parents in advance that your results are going to be bad, and that you’ll work hard to score better marks next time: You’ll find people, being the smart ass and telling their parents that their exams were horrible and the same would happen to the results.

What baffles them is the fact that ultimately they end up being both grounded and forced to study. It does not stop there. They are scrutinized every day. If they don’t study one day, they are reminded o the commitment they made.

An ideal example: ” Mom , Dad my exams were pathetic, and the results will be horrible too”

“Okay son, better luck next time”


What actually happens:

“Son go to your room, study and don’t come out till we tell you to do so.”

“Son , when will you start to understand the meaning of life, career and the answer to everything else in the world? when?”034


This is what you should find in people,especially when their results are not expected to be positive.




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