5 easy DIYs that will make splendid Christmas gifts

Written by Guncha Khanna

Christmas is the perfect festival to gift some amazing things to your loved one’s. However, if the gifts are handmade, it acts like a cherry on the cake. Before you start searching up the internet, we have a list of some easily doable DIYs that would definitely bring up a huge smile on anyone’s face. You can thank us later!



The easiest and the most special DIY – A handmade card. You can make it as decorative as you want, or keep it extremely simple by just writing a special note for the person. It just needs a little bit of effort and every bit of it is worth it.

christmas 1

Candles are a great thing for decoration and they also lighten the whole mood. They make a room look beautiful and serene.

To make your own scented candle is an easy task. All you need are wax flakes or wax, pre-waxed candle wicks, a container, non-toxic crayons and essential oil of your choice.

All you have to do is melt the wax until its liquid, add some color(crayon) and any scent of your choice. Pour the mixture into a container and place the wick in the middle when the wax is still hot. Let the mixture cool and your scented candle is ready!

christmas 5


A mason jar is the nicest container ever. It looks extremely good and can make a really good gift. To make it even more special layer your favorite handmade chocolate cake and some cream alternatively to present a beautiful desert in a mason jar! How amazing is that?

Another gift for people with a sweet tooth are handmade chocolates. There are numerous easy recipes all over Google that can help you with the same. Who doesn’t like chocolates anyway?

christmas 2


For this DIY, all you need is a basket and some goodies that are liked by the person who is going to receive this gift from you. Put all of them in the basket and tie it up with a ribbon to enhance the whole look of the gift.

christmas 4

What is so special about gifting a mug? But how about a handwritten or painted mug? Buy a plain white mug, paint a Santa claus on it or just write  small note on it conveying all your Christmas wishes and nothing can be better!

Winter time is anyway the best time to have your favorite cup of coffee in a beautiful mug!

christmas 3


If you know of any other such amazing DIYs, let us know in the comments section below!

We hope you have a spectacular Christmas!

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