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5 places that serve exceptional coffee in Delhi-NCR

Written by Guncha Khanna

A cup of coffee can either make your entire day or spoil it in seconds.  For people who love coffee, it is absolutely very necessary that the restaurant they are going to visit should serve decent coffee, if nothing else. We can’t buy happiness but we surely can buy ourselves a cup of coffee and that does the work. We often come across this quote that ‘life is too short’; however I believe that life is too short to have bad coffee. So for all the coffee lovers like me, here is a list of places in Delhi/NCR that serve extremely tasty coffee.


It is definitely one of my favorite places. Something vintage is kind of a café just on the right side of McDonald’s in Kamla Nagar. They serve amazingly delicious coffee at a very reasonable price. The ambience as well as the food is worth appreciating. You can sit for hours, talk to your friends and have amazing coffee. What else can we ask for?

Price – Rs. 40 – 60/-

something vintage

2. TEASTA (The tea shop), Noida Sector – 37

Serving tasty cold coffee is one thing, but serving varieties of cold coffee that are as tasty as the simple one is another. This little place in the Godavari complex of Sector 37 Noida is the best place to stop by if you are looking for something that can refresh you. They definitely know how to balance out between the perfect amount of coffee and sugar. The hazelnut coffee is definitely a must have!

Price – Rs.40 – 60/-


3. ROSE CAFÉ, Saket

It is a quaint little place on the off skirts of the main roads. With a beautiful décor, this place is going to attract you mainly because of the beautiful interior. It serves delicious coffee at a pretty decent price. If you want a day off from all the hustle bustle, go ahead and visit Rose café and spend a good and peaceful day with your favorite cup of coffee!

Price – Rs. 150 – 200/-

rose cafe

4. MUMBAI MATINEE, Noida Sector-18

This is a perfect place for all those people who love Bollywood and have a thing for interesting themes and décor. They serve pretty delicious coffee at a good price. So if you are looking for a place to hang out with your friends, that is different from the usual restaurants, this is the place!

Price – Rs.95 – 120/-


5. UNITED COFFEE HOUSE, Connaught Place

This is one of the oldest places in CP, but the charm never dies. It’s décor takes you back to the Victorian Era. The mighty chandeliers, the plush furniture, and even the cutlery are very royal. It is definitely a great place to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the ambience. Even though it is definitely expensive, but worth it!
united coffee house

Another café in CP, that is old and still retains the charm is Indian Coffee House. It is economical as well as nice!
There are a lot of such places in Delhi/NCR, that serve extremely flavorsome coffee. It is impossible to incorporate all of them in this short list, however, we would love to know which is your favorite coffee place. Let us know in the comments section below!

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