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Slam Poem- This Is Where I Leave You

Written by Nimisha Narayan

This is where I leave you.
In the clarity of opinions,
In favourable odds.

This is where you leave me.
With loud opinions and ideas,
In sticky situations.



This is where I stand today.
With vivid pictures from hell,
With vague dreams of heaven.

This is where I start now.
With a breakable character,
With a moulded mind.

This is what you feed me.
Negatively, I’m worthless.
Positively, not worth your time.

This is where I collapse.
With memories of your love,
With loneliness of my hardship.

This is what it means.
To be a person who can stand up,
But to stand up with your spine in my back.

This is where I beg you.
Leave me alone, now, today.
Or never leave me for a day.

This is where I leave you.
While giving you my all.
While giving myself nothing.

About the author

Nimisha Narayan

I’m a law student, waiting to graduate from Symbiosis Law School, Noida in 2018. I’m a happy person and love all things bright, beautiful, crazy and different. I believe in positivity and I believe in self expression. Writing is one of the simplest ways to let out your feelings, without being judged, pressured or discouraged. The outside world is a difficult place, but writing & reading, give me a little more strength to deal with life, every single day!


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