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Poetry – Your Silence

Written by Hitakshu Bhatia

When someone doesn’t speak a word
you kind of feel weird
and wonder if you did something wrong
to make their  mood go bong

When it’s not the words but their silence that kills
it says it all and I know exactly how that feels,
Seems you are so obsolete
about the fire and the storm and the world so full of heat


You’ve taken my shelter in the time of need
and now you say ‘baby I don’t have time to give’
I wonder when you got so mean
to not keep your word and your deed
I see the silence in you
and how I wish you could understand the silence in me

Looks like we’d had a good run
for it’s about time that I flee
I do wish you would utter something
else my mind will think of everything

Was it this or was it that
when exactly did it get so bad
wish I had an answer pat
It hurts me deep within
makes me sink into an ocean sad
when someone you feel close
behaves so bad

Hope I get you back soon
else I’ll just learn to live it like that

Know that I’ll wish the best for you, not just now but always

for our memories together
are the only good ones I have
Can’t help looking forward to the day
when your silence sheds away
and puts us both out of dismay.

About the author

Hitakshu Bhatia

Hitakshu Bhatia is a final year engineering student from AISSMS COE, Pune. He loves reading and saunters through life one book at a time. His other interests are writing, travelling and practising Reiki but above all things he's a hardcore foodie and a punjabi music lover.

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