Hearty Affairs Poetry


ninety nine kisses an inception
Written by Harsha Gautam

On the bench, where I sit,

Our beautiful memories, I slowly knit.

Heard a whisper behind the tree,

I turned, but there was no one I could see.

I sat back and recalled the promise you made,

“I’ll come back soon”, you had said while I was still afraid.

The ninety-nine kisses wait for one more,

Touch of your hands, is what I’m waiting for.

The bushes across the bench rattled again,

Before I could see, it started to rain.

I ran to take shade under the tree,

I couldn’t imagine of what I would see.

You stood there thinking of backing away,

I held your uniform to make you stay.

We stood there still and silent,

The weather now was all the more violent.

The deafening thunder made me frightened,

You held my waist and your grip slowly tightened.

We stared at each other without a blink,

Suddenly your special smile greeted me with a wink.

I started receding, but you held my hand,

What to do next, I couldn’t understand.

You brushed back my wet hair,

And your eyes shone like a solitaire.

You raised my chin and gave a kiss,

My cheeks shouted out, this is bliss.

Here’s your hundredth kiss my dear,

Your lips slowly whispered in my ear.

The violent raindrops now changed to drizzle,

Someone across the hill was playing fiddle.

Filling the gaps of our fingers, we walked in the rain,

All that appeared as if we’ve fallen in love again…

About the author

Harsha Gautam

A traveler! That's what I am, apart from being a final year History Hons student at Miranda House, Delhi University. Via the historical walks I take and conduct, I travel through time and take a dive into the deep sea of our ancient past. Books come to my rescue when it comes to places, I cannot reach. One of my favorite hobbies is to hunt down haunted places and pen down my experiences there. (Yes, fascination triumphs over fear at times). A bit of a reader, a bit of a writer and a full-time explorer, all put together, create a 19 year old, vying to unravel a new mystery each day.


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