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I Got Your Back….I’m Your Rock!

Written by Hitakshu Bhatia

“Don’t give up, friend

I’ll be your rock!”

These are the words, that  remind me of one particular incident that happened with me in Pune. One sunny Sunday, a few years back, I took a friend of mine, who was a pro in Water Polo back then, to a nearby dam where the water level is absurdly deep. I wanted to learn to stand still in the deep water. I wanted to make it in the college’s team of Water Polo. For those of you who don’t know anything about the sport, it’s a team water sport. The game consists of swimming(with and without the ball), using a special form of treading water known as the eggbeater kick, throwing, catching and shooting the ball. All this must be done using a single hand. The players are required to have the ability to stay in deep water for literally hours and that’s just a prerequisite of the game.

Although I knew how to swim, I had trouble standing still in the deep water for long, that explains why I took my jock friend near the dam. One hour passed by, I was doing real good and then I don’t know what happened, I just got really pumped up and went into the deeper part of the river leaving him behind. Stupid as I was, I ended up literally in the middle of the river with waves getting higher by the second, I got lost in the deep water and wasn’t able to see anyone near me. I started going back to the shore only to realize it’s too far to reach, then started looking for my friend who was nowhere in sight. By now, the tides were hitting hard on my face, I had no energy to swim and was without a life jacket. For a moment, I thought, ‘this is it, the end of journey’ until a voice came from behind ”I am there, don’t give up friend, hold your breath, I will be your rock and I’ve got your back”. That was Vikas, who’s been my Rock since last 5 years in Pune.

Coming to the meat of the matter-who is your rock? Are you a rock for anybody?

Many people are challenged for their vision in life. Can we be a rock to hold each other’s vision?

During my school days, I had a dear friend called Anika(who continues to be a dear one to this day). She is a rock forever for many. Knowing such people and having them beside you is a wonderful feeling. The power and energy of such ‘rocks’ remain unshaken. The goodness of these rocks never gets lost or suppressed in the noise of bad deeds around. To create anything requires more strength than to destroy, so, however noisy the world gets about the bad, the good will always stand out. These rocks elevate themselves to such a height and strength that daily waves of negativity recedes, making no difference whatsoever.

best 2

Laugh with these rocks, then again laugh at them.

Cry with them. Then again cry for them.

Stand up for them and be their strength. And never for a moment think of what they do or who they are. For they are foremost, your friends!

About the author

Hitakshu Bhatia

Hitakshu Bhatia is a final year engineering student from AISSMS COE, Pune. He loves reading and saunters through life one book at a time. His other interests are writing, travelling and practising Reiki but above all things he's a hardcore foodie and a punjabi music lover.

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