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deluge in paradise
Written by Fatima Khan
Every time she closed her eyes
She dreamt of a paradise
It was a breath of fresh air
With a majestic and regal flair
They called it Kashmir,the royal Kashmir


Forests and mountains                                            deluge in paradise
Hills and greenery
Covered the valley
Water in all it’s forms
Was one of Kashmir’s truest charms


But when the charm turned into dominion
The creatures seemed to become little minions
Handcuffed,powerless and hog-tied
The paradise seemed to be paralysed


Water,water everywhere
In homes and offices alike
In Temples and mosques
There was only one prayer
To make life a tad more fair


Every time she closed her eyes
She dreamt of paradise
Except that now , it had become a Niagara,
An inundation was all she could see
The valley didn’t seem so free
How could this ever be Karma?


Water,water everywhere
Just not enough to quench her thirst
Where does she go for refuge?
All there was left,was deluge


But soon after a deluge,there must be drainage
 This is the least the regime could do to fix the damage
 To strive and abridge the suffrage
Of men,the ordinary men,with dreams and aspirations
With families and temptations
Temptations to rise from this deluge


A deluge indeed,
A deluge in paradise.

About the author

Fatima Khan

Fatima Khan is a pursuing English Honors from University of Delhi. She is an expressive and rapturous person. She hopes to become a Journalist in the near future, but leaves rest to fate.
Catch her at [email protected]

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