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An Introvert’s perception of LOVE

Written by Kasak

To all you beautiful ladies out there,

Remember the guy you find looking at you discreetly, peeping in and out from behind the pillar in school. Or the guy who is always making his best efforts to strike up a conversation, but ends up all stuttering and stammering in your scintillating presence. The guy who feels like coming home to or the one you refer to as your ‘human diary’ because you can open your innermost true self to him, without the fear of being judged or exposed. HE LOVES YOU. He really does!

Yes, it’s the same guy you are thinking about right now and then one you really can never be sure about because he never shows his feelings. The INTROVERT! The one who comes across the sweetest and the most genuine person you know but you can’t have feelings for, because he has a storm raging within himself. The guy who suffers with every agony you experience and is exhilarated with every joy you embrace. Maybe you call him your best friend. Yes, HE LOVES YOU. And its better you open yourself to the fact.

He may not exactly be like your definition of perfect, and there will always be better looking guys than him, but he is all you ever wanted. All you’ve been praying for after watching your favorite romantic movies. Don’t lose him! Because when you are opening yourself to him, explaining him your version of ‘True Love’, he is smiling wide to himself because he knows that nobody can love you as much as he does. He might have awkward ways of expressing himself, but he is always throwing hints at you. The ‘weird’ expression on his face when you mention the guys you might have a crush on, or a surprising text asking you if you’re okay. They are all there. You just have to look!

Introverts sure are complicated people, but when they love, they love you with all their heart and soul. That’s because, usually the people who accompany them drain them emotionally and they try to stay away.  But when you find them trying to fit into your life so beautifully, you must know two things! First, you are SPECIAL and the centre of their artistic universe as every activity they do revolves around the thought of you, because you are the only thing that’s present within. For when it’s you, they strenuously break down all the walls they’ve built to keep people away and expose their most vulnerable selves to you. Trust me; it’s a surreal transformation for them to sacrifice their purest selves to somebody and giving the authority to make or destroy them completely. Second, that’s the most a human can do for another human, appreciate it!

In my personal opinion, an introvert’s way of expressing himself might be confusing but the intensity of the feeling of ‘love’ is there in abundance. Whereas on the other hand, extroverts tend to have difficulties interpreting their feelings because they have way too many people to look up to for advice, too many options to choose from, yet their friends and acquaintances segregated impeccably. Again, when you get a lot of options in people itself, they become more like commodities, which you might keep or discard. The essence of valuing a person in completion gets missed. But, if an introvert shows effort towards you and goes out of his way to be there for you while he’d rather be alone working on creating something out of his artistic archives, you are pretty much a part of his existence. More plus points!

When an introvert falls for an extrovert, the emotional turmoil experienced is terrible. From insecurities coming in from the ‘what if’s’ and heading till ‘am I not good enough?’ The sinking feeling in the gut, it just gets worse! It creeps from within and tells him that he may be a very small part of your life because you have so many people in there. The fear of giving his heart to you knowing that you can break at it at your convenience haunts him. So if you love him, make sure you constantly remind him how important he is to you. His love would only escalate!

To conclude, I’d just want to tell you that if there is somebody who you know possesses the above mentioned qualities and perks, hold on to him. For his love towards you would range beyond words. Express yourselves out to him; it’ll be a great favor for both of you. For even you know deep within, that he is the panacea to all the beautiful notions and insecurities of love you are holding inside, as you both experience the highs of the serene feeling that it is. And if, by whatever reason you decide to let him go, remember that getting drunk and penning down write-ups like these gives him nothing in comparison to the joys you would have blessed him with, had you stuck around!

Till we meet again.



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The writer known by a pen name, Kasak is a fitness freak, who does modelling and in his words, he is someone who, "emphasises on all experiences in life". He likes to travel and it is music that keeps him motivated.

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