Hearty Affairs

A beautiful mind

Written by Saptak Datta

“I don’t believe we have met before.” I said again to the old man who was confusing an apparent acquaintance of his with me.By his attire and way of speaking I realized that he was just another trickster, who was trying to fool me and loot me perhaps.I have heard enough of these stories from Alice. She always guided me in the right direction. After a short argument the old man realized that he would not get any penny, so he moved on. “Alan!”,there came the voice of Alice from behind. I turned, looked at her, a real beauty, could not match any girl with her.”It`s time to leave the ship, we have reached Bridge Falls, the place of reindeers and Christmas fest! I am excited,come on Alan!” I just smiled and followed her.

Alice checked the GPS once again,”exactly twenty-five kilometres from here and we would reach our hotel”, said Alice and kept fiddling with her mobile phone. I looked at her, she was, as always busy with herself. I smiled, the driver started the engine and off we went for the hotel.

It was dark, and thundering loudly.The road never seemed to end.Our car was whirling round the hill at a great speed.I looked at Alice, she was fast asleep.The car came to a turn, and there it collided with a truck.My head banged against the window, my head felt heavy, my eyes gradually closed and there I lay still.Unconscious.

I opened my eyes.I could not lift my head. My hands went through my hair and I realized that blood was dripping from the back of the head. I kept staring up, my vision was not clear yet. I found myself in between the woods, it was dark.I stood up somehow, my feet could not feel the ground. I could not find Alice, where was she?I trudged and went near the car, the lifeless body of the driver lay still inside d car. I peeked inside the car, no trace of Alice. I was terrified and started to call out,”Alice?Alice!Can you hear me?”There was not a single sound, except the sound of raindrops patting over the fresh leaves of the trees! “Alan!”,I quickly turned back,”I am afraid of the dark, HELP!” I started running towards the voice when another shriek interrupted me, “Alan, I am drowning, HELP!” I ran faster, rummaged through the forest and came near a lake. There was a sign board in which it was written “Cauldron Lake”. I took a deep breath and jumped into the cold water.

With a shriek, I got up. I knew Alice was in danger, she needed my help, but I could not recognize the place.When suddenly a man entered,”Relax, don’t get up, you are not supposed to.” “Where am I? Where is Alice?I need to go a doctor.” “Well, calm down young man, we found you in the woods near Cauldron Lake and there was nobody else!” I started to palpitate, I stood up, my feet were too weak, I pleaded to go,but was not allowed to leave the hospital.

It was an hour past midnight.I was determined to escape the building and search for Alice.The last time she left me, she came back, and said me never to lose hope! I knew something was wrong with the place, something dark was there, something evil who is trying to take Alice away! I climbed out of the window and escaped the building.I headed towards Cauldron Lake.The lake was still, I could see Alice on the other side. A feign smile and again I jumped into the river.

“Schizophrenia” the doctor replied again.I sat there dazed.He was talking to Derek.”There is no one existing called Alice, it’s his mind playing with him.” I shouted out,”it can`t be true, she is my wife.” The doctor did not bother to look and continued,”the weak minded, introvert people who lack support create a totally imaginary character for their mental strength.For Alan`s case, it is Alice.These fictional characters give them support.”The doctor handed Derek a prescription, and we came out.

Another therapy ended, I knew from the core of my heart that whatever the doctor said was wrong.As I walked through the corridor, on the other end I saw Alice standing, smiling at me.I smiled back.

About the author

Saptak Datta

Saptak is an athlete, sports enthusiast, and a marijuana activist. A true bong, Saptak is currently a first year media science student at NSHM knowledge campus, and is an alumnus of M.P Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School in Kolkata. Writing is one of his newest passions. Football and weed are the things which keep him ticking. He also treasures the simple yet memorable experiences in life, and is always on the hunt for more. Feel free to connect with Saptak at [email protected]


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