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GYM RAT: How to get rid of bad breath permanently?

Gym Rat

Got a fitness query? Looking to lose weight? Or wanting to have delectable six pack? Good news then! All your fitness queries can be sorted online now. We introduce you to our very own fitness expert ‘Gymmy’ the Gym Rat. Personally trained by the ‘Schwarzenegger’ of rats, he hails from the wonderful sewer of Ratwille (LA, California). For other ‘underground’ …

Q. Gym Rat I’ve been trying to live a happy life. Iv’e been going to the gym and now i’m ripped. But, whenever I kiss my girlfriend, talk to my teacher or have a telephonic conversation with my parents they all end up asking me the same question, ‘Have you left using toothpaste for a year?’ I get this weird feeling. I wish I could get rid of this problem of mine. I’ve tried everything. Are you aware of any unorthodox solution?


I see you are still looking for a practical way to brighten your smile with whiter teeth and healthier gums and I’m positive you are still having difficulty eliminating mouth problems such as tooth decay, foul odour, and mouth sores.

I see, we’ve got a smelly rat in the house. But buddy, wait no more because Gymmy has got all the answers. Aside from avoiding people so that your foul, nasty breath doesn’t cause people to move away from you, how do you get rid of foul breath, dental cavities, and tooth stains?

After a lot of research and upon much reflection, Gymmmy found out that the answer is in oils and in a 3000 year old natural remedy called oil pulling. The truth is that modern toothpastes, electronic toothbrushes, and expensive mouthwashes aren’t fixing the problem. I think Lao-Tzu said it best,”If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”. Oil pulling is worth learning about.

How to practice Oil Pulling:

The internet is abuzz with an ever growing assortment of advice on how to use oil pulling. With the help of recent studies done in the therapy, I found out that the most recommended oil would be coconut oil. The next best alternative would be sesame oil. An organic version of either would be better, as well.

The process would involve about a tablespoon of oil swished around the mouth for 10 minutes. The studies Jimmy had reviewed showed that 10 minutes is a good, solid time to get the benefits. For those who are not acquainted with this method, it might sound ridiculous or unimaginable to put a spoon of oil into your mouth, but the method is actually very simple and so easy that like most people who have tried and experienced the wondrous effects of oil pulling, you will get the hang of it in no time. The practise of a new habit needs to be “doable” or it just won’t get done. If you start it first thing in the morning while you do your morning routine you will find the time easy to manage. I usually oil pull while taking bath, so that’s how I manage my time, you can devise your own ways. The swishing of oil isn’t comparable to other mouthwashes you have swished with. It doesn’t burn and because of the oil’s properties it stops the accumulation of saliva over time, so you aren’t left with an overflow of saliva ready to burst out of your mouth after the first minute. Brush teeth after you are done with oil pulling.

The practice of oil pulling is a daily occurrence. If you miss a morning you can do it later that day or before bed. Worst case, pick up the routine the next morning. It’s very safe to practice and you can swish as many times as you like. The oil will get thinner as you swish, which is normal. You then want to use mouth and facial muscles to swish the oil around while sucking or pulling the oil between the teeth and around the mouth. Think of it as pushing and pulling the oil while drawing it through the teeth. This process increases the circulation in the gums and gets the oil in every spot. The effects are accumulative and the environment in your mouth should start seeing benefits around the end of first week.

It is important to note that oil pulling is a great addition to a normal oral care routine. However, the use of normal oral care routine, which includes brushing two to three times a day and flossing, should be continued.

Unrealistic Expectations:

The claims of oil pulling are intriguing but there are many dubious ones out there. Because of the general confusion, claims start to get out of control. These unproven claims can damage the actual benefits of oil pulling. Oil pulling does wonders for the mouth, but when oil pulling claims to be the cure for AIDS or Asthma, it doesn’t sit well for the real use for oil pulling. It starts to sound like a magic elixir when packaged this way. If oil pulling helps with anything other than dental health, it is likely only due to the by product of having a healthy mouth. The link between the mouth’s health state and other conditions is strong. The body is obviously connected and dependent on other functions. Sickness in one location is likely to show up in different parts and cause symptoms with others. One thing is for sure that a healthy mouth is better than a sick mouth, not just for the mouth but rest of the body, too. A sickness can present itself through the mouth, the link between the mouth and the body is strong. A healthy mouth is in your best interest.

Benefits of Oil Pulling:

Use oil pulling for the following:

Bad breath

Remove plaque

Destroy bacterial growth that causes cavities

Create saponification in the mouth(cleans the mouth)

Reduce fungal growth

Prevention and treatment of diseases found with gums and the mouth(cavities and gingivitis)

Whiter teeth

Help with bleeding gums

Cure for dryness of mouth, throat and lips

Anything else is a speculation and based on belief. Oil pulling is safe, simple, cheap, easy to do, and is proven for dental health. If you haven’t tried it, the question is why not?

So, what should you expect with the first week of oil pulling?

Well, the reduction of harmful bacteria will do a number of things. Your teeth may start to become whiter, your breath will be fresher. If you had a white film on your tongue it will be gone. If you had bleeding or sensitive gums, they will become healthier and have a strong pink colour. Over time you will have a greatly reduced chance of getting a cavity, and may experience an increase in circulation in your gums with some growth, if you have had gum recessions. Maintaining good oral hygiene not only gives you the benefits that are solely for the mouth, but the benefits extend to the whole body.

I wish you luck with your oil pulling regimen. I hope I made your expectations a little more realistic and cleared up some claims about oil pulling. Happy oil pulling!

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Got a fitness query? Looking to lose weight? Or wanting to have delectable six pack? Good news then! All your fitness queries can be sorted online now. We introduce you to our very own fitness expert ‘Gymmy’ the Gym Rat. Personally trained by the ‘Schwarzenegger’ of rats, he hails from the wonderful sewer of Ratwille (LA, California). For other ‘underground’ information’ and girl woo-ing tips (Gymmy partially expertise’s in this field too, considering his huge female fan-following and 100+ mating experience) get asking below!

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