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Commitment is amazing. And that is why long-term relationships are simply beautiful. They are comfortable and feel like home. However that’s not true for every long term relationship, but if you have put up with someone for so long, then there is definitely something about your partner that is worth all the efforts you take. There are certain things that only people who have been in a long term relationship can relate to since it is one hell of an experience. So here we give you a list of the same.

  1. You know each other too well, probably even better than your own selves!

Mood off? Excited? Sad? Your partner by now can tell the status of your mood by just looking at you or talking to you only once. That’s how close you are. And another plus is that you can communicate telepathically.

Happy couple in nightclub

Happy couple in nightclub

2. Fighting does not mean breaking up!

Usual fights are a part of any relationship. However, once you know someone for too long and that they always have your back, you tend to take fights as just small fights and not taking it to the breaking up level, which is absolutely great!



3. You know each others families too well by now!

You might have not met all of them, but you definitely know everything about all the aunts and uncles and their kids.

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4. Wherever you go people ask you about your significant other

Parties, birthdays, hang out places, wherever you go people are so used to seeing you together that they ask you this question quite often.



5. You know exactly what he/she wants at a particular time of the day!

From your staple morning coffee to a ritual everyday phone call, your partner knows exactly what your routine is and can brighten up your day any moment.


6. Deepest darkest secrets!

With time, your boyfriend/girlfriend also become your best friend. You start sharing all your secrets with them which you probably haven’t even told your other friends.

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7. You can talk about other people you find attractive without him/her getting jealous!

There is a level of commitment and trust that you share and it is way above jealousy. And so even the comfort level is also quite high. Keeping aside the attraction, you can actually bitch about anyone to your partner and they will listen to you.



8. You can be totally honest with each other without any one of you getting offended!

There are some negative things about everyone, and you are free to mention the same to your partner and 99% they will understand your point without getting offended.

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9. PDA on social networking is not compulsory anymore!

For a lot of people, the amount of happiness in your relationship is directly proportionate to the amount of couple photos you have on your instagram. However there is a level in each relationship when you don’t feel the need to let people know how happy you are, because the fact that you make each other happy is enough for you both.

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10. You are totally each other’s best friends!

Before being a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, or a husband or a wife, you are both each other’s best friends. And that helps you sail through all the difficulties and bad times too.



You are both each other’s hell and heaven!

We hope you could relate to this article, if yes, then do let us know in the comments section below, we would love to know!


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