Public Speaking – Fighting With The Fear

Public Speaking
Written by Aditya Rathore

Public Speaking, when asked by many people, consider it as their biggest fear. A survey conducted by an elite team of experts about what people are most afraid of, got interesting responses.  Many expressed more than one fear and the result compilation is as follows:

 1 Speaking before a groupPublic Speaking
 2 Heights
 3 Insects and bugs
 4 Financial Problems
 5 Deep water
 6 Sickness
 6 Death
 8 Flying
 9 Loneliness
 10 Dogs
 11 Driving/riding in a car
 12 Darkness
 12 Elevators
 14 Escalators

Now we can conclude that there are more number of people who would prefer dying rather than addressing a number of people. This is something we should think about for a while.


Well first of all for delivering a great speech or presentation, we need to throw this fear away. To get rid of this fear of Public Speaking I have collected some very important points which might help you very well. These are : 

1.  Believe In Yourself


Self Confidence or Believing in oneself is the key to success. This applies in case of Public Speaking also. Try to fool yourself by thinking that you are the superior most person sitting in the room and your audience know nothing about the topic on which you are supposed to speak. This will definitely bring you some confidence and enhance your presentation.


2. Practice before facing audience



It is truly said that practice makes a man perfect. Practicing before facing audience is a great way to release the stress and fear of Public Speaking. Going through the presentation several times may help you out to present yourself nicely. Use mirror and think that you are before the crowd, visualizing yourself as you are giving the speech might also help you win the fight. Do practice many times and you will surely be good at stage.


3. Grasp your Content

Grasp Your Content

Grasping the content by heart is a very important step that one should take before going for public speaking. Use all the equipment  that you will be using at  the time of presentation, specially timers as time taken matters. If you are well prepared with the content you will feel confident which will ultimately bring charm to your presentation.

4. Breathe Deeply and you are ready to rock



Now when you are done with the above steps,  the final work left to do is Breath Deeply and release the stress. Taking deep breath is considered to be the best and quickest way to release the pressure.  Also you should drink water at intervals to overcome the fear, it is of tremendous use when it comes to Public Speaking. You may also keep a water bottle with you when you are delivering the speech so that whenever you loose control, take a sip and you’ll be back on the track.

Now since you are planning to speak before public always remember these beautiful lines of John Ford, it says

“You can always speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.”


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