Poetry – Nothing’s Permanent!

Written by Aayush Jain

Nothing’s permanent we say
The sun cannot be there all day.
We have got to realise before it’s too late
Some bonds do come with an expiry date.
What matters more is the memory
The people are just a part,
There’s no need to worry,
The one you finish with isn’t certainly the person with whom you start.
The roads have many intersections and you cross different ways,
Each cross section gives you souls with whom you forever wish to stay.
But the road has to go and it has to go on,
For the moon has to go for the sun to rise at dawn.
The people become experiences and the moments are memories stuck in time
So cherish-able are these, that moving forward feels like a crime.
But as we say, the road goes on.
The lessons learnt and the people gone.

About the author

Aayush Jain

I'm a 20 year old engineer who's madly in love with words, on a mission to make world a better place and contributing my drops to create the tides. I'm a lost soul trying to find my way back to life.

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