‘Intolerance’ is just a political gimmick!

Written by Ishaan Sengupta

India is a multi-cultural nation with more than 5 practicing religions and more than a hundred languages (including unofficial). Despite being such a diverse state, rebellions and skirmishes have been existent and persistent, but also, minimal in nature. After the completion of a year in office by the newly elected NDA Government, it has been covered religiously by the media about instances where the opposition, particularly the Congress and the left parties have led protests against the Central Government questioning its ‘bias’ towards certain sections of the society. The question that needs to be asked here is whether – These skirmishes have increased during the NDA government’s reign or whether the opposition is playing divisive politics to gain an ailing vote bank?

A few months back a number of national award winners, including artists and sculptors, staged a protest against the government by retuning their awards, so that they could raise awareness about the Government’s ‘selective campaign against Muslims and other backward sections of the society’. The media coined this issue, the ‘Intolerance debate’. The government regarded the protest as a ‘planned strike’ before the Bihar elections. What was even more astonishing was that, the artists even boycotted a fellow artist’s literature festival because he did not return his award. Things were going way out of hand, but surprisingly everything came at a halt after the Bihar elections.

After a few months, came the issue of student protests against the Government by the Congress and the student fronts of the Left Parties. This was due to the ‘un-righteous involvement of the government’ in rusticating a group of 4 students belonging to the Ambedkar Study Circle in Hyderabad University (who protested against the hanging of Yakub Memon) which led to the suicide of a Dalit PhD. Scholar Rohit Vermula. The opposition fostered a heated coalition to tackle the government. Rahul Gandhi, Derek O’ Brien, Arvind Kejriwal and other politicians from various parties either visited or spoke against the Government.

It is to be predisposed whether; there were real, unrighteous involvements by the government in these matters or just a gimmick by the opposition to isolate the victims or vote-banks and garner their support to combat the Government.

An unbiased individual could definitely choose either. But it is the view of the media which can shape the belief of the unbiased public. Unfortunately, in both cases the media has been primarily responsible for ruining it for the Government.

Ishaan Sengupta
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