E-Books: An Exciting Venture for Budding Authors

Written by Vishakha Bhatt

With the advent of cutting edge technologies, everything is available with just the click of a button.

With facilities like e-tickets, online shopping, socialising and what not available at your fingertips at any corner of the world, several offline enterprises have dealt a blow and incurred huge losses due to the huge success of online behemoths.

One of the professions adversely affected due to this situation is writing. One has now to browse the web for his/her favourite book and they acquire it quite easily, no more scanning the shelves for your copy. But it’s not all gloom here, the online insurgency has its benefits too. Amateur authors who want to make a decent start to their writing career and struggle to get hold of a good publisher can make most of this scenario.

E-publishing is a great way to go for novice writers as digital publishing can cost much lower than traditional book publishing costs. This process is much affordable and makes it possible to get their work out to a much wider audience.


You want to be an author, but make no mistake, you are not trying to be the next Shakespeare or Dickens. Good writing counts, but like any other work projects, it needs to be managed effectively and efficiently. Plan accordingly, list down all your ideas and then focus on the execution part, set a deadline and stick to it.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of pioneers in this very field make is assuming that because they are self-publishing a book, they can self-edit too.

If a good e-book creates an image indicating you are the GO-TO person in your field then a bad e-book– chock full of comma splices, run-on sentences, split infinitives and misspelt words has the exact opposite effect.

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At first, published on Kindle by Mark Dawson himself.

One of the authors who made it to this hottest marketing trend is Mark Dawson. His success didn’t just come around by self-publishing crime thriller series and hoping for the best. Moreover, even the tactics he employed to promote his series weren’t game changing or even particularly clever but the scale at which he implemented them is what made the difference.


Amateur authors should ideally possess a sample of their e-book ready with themselves to incite the appetite of prospective customers and to publicise it further.


Authors need to design an impressive cover for their book because the visuals employed should be appealing to the masses. They should price their book intelligently according to their content and previous reception of that type of content.


E-books are more portable and can be easily taken to any part if the world. They are less susceptible to natural damages incurred by print books due to the large span of time. They need no special care, unlike the printed books which need to be preserved carefully to avoid wear and tear.


Book buyers and library patrons are clearly drawn easily to accessible broad collections of e-books. E-books offer creative possibilities, easy access and also provide changing behaviour research. The digital marketplace will continue to develop in unpredictable ways and on an uncertain timeline. E-books undoubtedly have the capability to become an ideal information product of the future.

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