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5 ‘Must – Watch’ TV shows for Supernatural Junkies

Written by Akshita Rawat

Zombies, demons, vampires, werewolves!
Eager to know more about such mythical creatures? If you are one of those who believe in the existence of creatures of the night or are doubtful about their existence then this is a must read list for you. It will bring to you shows that will take you to a different world – the world of the supernatural.


This is your basic zombie-apocalypse, end-of-the-world show, based on a comic book series. It is the story of Rick Grimes’ survival in a world of flesh-eating zombies. Every season and episode is different and trust me you never lose interest. The characterisation of every individual is unique. As the show progresses, every character is given more individual depth. The good guys as well as the bad guys are given ample screen time. The viewers tend to get emotionally attached to every individual of Rick’s group and it becomes even more difficult to let go of them. The show is captivating, and the viewers are always at their wit’s end. The innovative methods used for killing zombies adds to the gore and is the special ingredient that makes the show different from every other zombie-apocalypse movie. From killing a zombie with a simple gun to stomping on one, they have covered it all. You cannot predict anything and the episodes end with you wanting for more. The show is scary as well as exciting, you want to watch it and don’t as well. A warning: there is a lot of ripping and blood and it’s very graphic. Apart from that, it is thrilling,  captivating, it has it all. Definitely a must watch.



This is a fairly new show in fact, it is just on its first season. Loosely based on a comic book series, the shows portrayal of zombies is unlike any seen before. The zombies live among humans and lead a normal life. They have a job, they have human needs (except for the brain eating part) and are pretty much human. There is no apocalypse, just a biological epidemic. As the title of the show indicates, the entire show is from the perspective of a zombie, Liv or Olivia. She uses her abilities to help in solving crimes. There are evil as well as good zombies, her being one of the good ones. The show is fresh and tries to change the established stereotype of zombies. The viewers get to see new faces along with a new storyline. The show is like “Castle” combined with “Resident Evil”. One gets to enjoy the supernatural and the crime-drama. It is unconventional and also, a must watch.


The follows the lives of two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, famously known as the Winchesters, who travel the nation (U.S.A.) hunting supernatural creatures. Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam) are perfect for the roles. It is impossible to choose one’s favourite brother as they oscillate between good and evil. The viewers get to learn a lot about the lores, myths and legends held by various groups of people. The episodes are hilarious sometimes, while equally intense the others. As the show moves on, one comes to love the brothers. Their bond is unbreakable and the foundation of the whole show is this very bond. Besides them, the other attractions are their car, a black 1967 Chevrolet Impala and the show’s title track (Carry on Wayword Son by Kansas). Watch this show for the laughs, the smiles and the tears.



The show is based on a book series and centers around the lives of two brothers and vampires, Stefan and Damon Salvatore. The entire show takes place in a fictional town know as Mystic Falls. It initially focuses on the love triangle between Elena, Stefan, and Damon, but as it progresses the characters as well as the story line grows. The show has vampires, werewolves, witches, dopple-gangers and later in the series, Originals (basically the first vampires ever). There are various subplots, though these do not let the show become monotonous. A lot of annual or seasonal balls take place, The show has its fair share of  glamour too, that serves as a diversion from the emotional turmoil. The gowns and tuxedos are elegant and are worth looking out for. The show sometimes takes a tragic turn. The characters though are lovable and the friendship and the relationships formed along the way, makes one love them all the more. It is a lovely show and worth devoting time to.




This show is a spin-off of “The Vampire Diaries” and centers around Klaus and his siblings. Here, the werewolves and the vampires are the main focus. The Originals introduced in “The Vampire Diaries” were not given enough importance and did require an entire different show devoted to them. If you are one of those who just could not get enough of the charming Originals, then this one is a must watch for you. Plus, the show is just on it’s second season which makes it easier to follow.


Some of the above mentioned shows make you question everything that you know about folklore creatures and force you to look at them from a different perspective, while others reinstate the stereotype. Every show has its pros and cons. But if you are a true fan, you cannot afford to miss out on these. To know more, you’ll have to watch them.


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