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Top 7 Horror-Comedies Of All Time

Written by Veni Ethiraj

Usually, when it comes to scary movies, most of us associate the genre with abnormal, psychic, and paranormal activities. But in the recent years, the essential horror film aimed at terrorising and spooking the audience has evolved, making comedy an intrinsic part of it. The horror-comedy, with giggles with the ghosts phenomena, is now an extremely popular genre that ranges from dark comedies to absolute laugh-out-loud ones. So here’s a list of few such movies aimed at spooking and amusing you to no end.

  1. Ghostbusters (1984)GHOSTBUSTERS

Released in 1984, this classic horror comedy is bound to tickle your funny bones, with the exceptional acting by Bill Murray and his 3 other comrades. Both a critical and commercial success, Ghostbusters is about 4 jobless men, starting their own service called Ghostbusters. With its iconic characters, fantastic comedy, Ghostbusters is a timeless classic.


2.  An American Werewolf in London (1981)an american warewolf

Another cult classic, released in 1981, this movie provides equal doses of gore and comedy at the same time. More on the side of a dark comedy, An American Werewolf in London is about two American Students backpacking across North York Moors. When one of them gets bitten by a werewolf, the nightmare of comical and paranormal activities begins.


3.  Shaun of the Dead (2004)Shaun-of-the-dead

Amazingly scripted and acted, this zombie apocalypse movie is one of the funniest horror movies of all time. Released in 2004, Edgar Wright’s film is about a dysfunctional British family, with Simon Pegg playing the aimless son unable to grasp realities of life. Initially oblivious to the zombie breakout, rest of the movie is a hilarious ride of splendid acting and zombie-shenanigans.


4.  Braindead (1992)Braindead-poster

For those who don’t mind excessive gore and splatter, this is another of the cult classics, known as the goriest splatter film of all time. Directed by Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame, the movie is about a zombie turned mother, a Kung Fu priest for a father, and an oddball for a son. An amalgam horror and slapstick comedy, Braindead is also among the top 10 Horror-Comedy movies of all time.


5.  Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987)Evil_Dead_II_poster

Less of a complete horror than its prequel, this sequel to Evil Dead 1, is more light-hearted and hysterical. While Evil Dead 1 was an outright nightmare, director Sam Raimi parodies this sequel, which perfectly balances out the grimy gore and amusing acting. Better than the 1st and the 3rd parts, this sequel about a man dealing with a possessed girlfriend and then his own hand, is also one of the most watched comedy horrors of all time.


6.  The Cabin in the Woods (2012)the-cabin-in-the-woods.31227

This Chris Hemsworth starrer is another one of slasher zombie flicks, unleashing horror and sarcasm to keep you hooked up scene after scene. Banking on its bloody gore fest and witty dialogues, it is about a bunch of friends who retreat to a remote forest cabin where they fall victim to zombies and much more. Horror goes fun in this movie.


7.  Zombieland (2009)ZombielandPoster1

More of a zombie-comedy, we end our list with this hilarious film, about a geeky kid dealing with various scenarios with 3 other survivors during a zombie apocalypse. Absolutely funny from the start, watch it for Jesse Eisenberg’s amazing acting as the nerdy clueless young boy, trying to win over a girl through zombie breakout. What follows is a laugh riot, watching these characters make it through. A fine, fine comedy, this is one of the most watched ones!


Go have a pick at any of these movies and get your own giggles with the ghosts!  


About the author

Veni Ethiraj

is pursuing English Honours from University of Delhi. Reading, Writing and travelling are the joys of her life. She is obsessed with crimes and mysteries.

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