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Written by Guncha Khanna

Who doesn’t love watching funny videos? Everyone does! YouTube is definitely one of the best inventions that the social media has given us. Even after 9 years of its existence it is still as popular and amazing as ever. People use it as a source of connectivity, entertainment, to showcase their talent, to earn recognition and everything they could possibly use it for. In between these millions of YouTube channels, there are some that are hysterically funny! Here is a list of some YouTube channels that you should not be missing at any cost whatsoever!


It would be unfair to not put him in the starter points simply because of the fact how famous he and BISWA are at this very point of time. Famous for their pretentious movie reviews, this duo has made some really funny videos and their review of the movie Prem Aggan is something that you should definitely not miss!


2. TheViralFeverVideos

Probably the funniest out of the lot. Their idea of Qtiyapa was initially rejected by MTV and so they came up with their  YouTube channel which definitely has made people laugh time and again.


‘‘The one-stop shop for all Indian things.”

This channel gets views, likes and shares from people sitting at every nook and corner of the country. They are funny, witty and not to mention “Presenting to you India at its quirkiest best.”


4. East India Comedy

They are a bunch of comedians posting videos about every possible topic, movies, news, current affairs! Stand-ups and sketches!


5. AIB (All India Bakchod)

Remember the very famous Alia Bhatt genius of the year? And Irfan Khan’s party song video? They all were by AIB. And how can one forget, the infamous- AIB ROAST! It is one of the most popular YouTube channels, with over 1,361,405 subscribers! Like them, hate them, you cannot ignore them.


6. Trouble Seeker Team

The number 1 pranksters on YouTube! There are not many Indian YouTube channels dealing with pranks, and so this one fills the place!


7. Mania ki Duniya

You know those ‘Bollywood classroom’ videos that have been circulating on Whatsapp and Facebook? Well yes, Mania ki Duniya is the YouTube channel that makes these 2D cartoon type videos that are completely hilarious!


8. Comedy One

“The ultimate everyday escape from drudgery. “ A must watch channel for comedy lovers with Suresh Menon as the face of the channel!



Lilly Singh along with her parents is here to make you think and laugh like never before. Her videos are so relatable and amusing that it’s actually really hard to ignore them even if you want to.

Catch their latest video here:

10. Shudh Desi Endings

A channel where the team presents you with better and funnier endings of the Bollywood movies! Sure to make you laugh. Watch their popular Bajrangi Bhaijaan spoof right here:

There are many more such YouTube channels out there, do let us know in the comments section below if we are missing out on anyone of them!

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